Rick Perry Drives A Tesla Model S, Really Wants Gigafactory


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While Texas has been one of the few states to shut out Tesla’s direct sales model, Elon Musk’s electric automaker has made a few unexpected allies. Governor Rick Perry, has been doing his best to bring the Tesla Gigafactory to Texas so it’s no wonder why he showed up to his hotel in a Tesla Model S.

Perry tweeted the above picture, along with the caption that said “The only way to make this car faster is to make it in Texas.” Succinctly put, Governor Perry, though you should remember you’re competing for a battery factory, not a Model S factory. Elon Musk has floated the idea of a Tesla truck factory in Texas, though that won’t be until after the Model X and Model E debut.

It isn’t just about the battery factory though; Rick Perry has always tried to appeal to Tea Party sensibilities, and the notion that Tesla shouldn’t be allowed to sell its own product because of government regulation rubs many conservatives the wrong way. It is rather absurd, though the dealer lobby has managed to put many Republican lawmakers in their pockets. But with Rick Perry now firmly in Tesla’s corner, one has to wonder of Elon Musk isn’t planning another push against the Texas anti-Tesla legislation.

Or he could just cut out the middle man, and go for national legislation to end the tyranny of the car dealership regime.

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  • Deaver Brown

    Excellent! Lot of old industries under improvements for people–Uber, AIRBNB, Tesla, direct sales of cars. I like Rick Perry though that is not popular in the Northeast. He has been working hard for Texas, his job. Kudos!

    • JerryBallew

      He’s just one of the army attempting to steal California’s innovations. He and others never will break up the Intellectual Critical Mass of Silicon Valley fed by Stanford University.

      • jon

        Musk is a east coast grad. University of Pennsylvania.

      • Luckily, he doesn’t need to steal anything from Tesla. Elon just gave away all his IP for free!

    • It’s not all that popular in Texas, neither – the man only had 55% of the vote. That means at least 45% of Texas is awake.

      As for how hard he’s been working for Texas, I think you picked a bad week to quit sniffing glue. That clown Perry is holding back Tesla’s sales, Uber, solar, wind, and promoting gas and oil production regardless of how many towns it dries up or people it poisons.

      Get a freakin’ clue, buddy.

      • Deaver Brown

        Texas has created 40% of the new US jobs since the recession started. All energy has its downside as I know from being an early member at American Power Conversion (APCC), that started in the early 80s as a solar company with inverters before moving on to UPS’s which were economical. In that imperfect world, gas and oil is less toxic than coal. Solar and wind have made a bit of headway, but it has been 30 years since APCC started with others that have tried so hard for decades. Admittedly they were MIT not Stanford guys, but of the same high quality. As to Perry winning by 55%, that is considered a landslide even in deep blue MA where I reside. That does not mean the other 45% weren’t “right” as you said…. But it is still a big number. Enjoy the dialog if not the invective….

        • Yes, Texas’ willingness to offer corporate welfare to the wealthiest polluters in the country is remarkably short-sighted, even for a cash grab. It’s no wonder, then, that the state is creating new jobs even as it destroys itself and – hilariously! – benefits not a bit, since most of the tax revenue from the new jobs created in TX just goes back into subsidizing the companies that brought them there.

          What a joke of a fiscal policy. Almost as laughable as someone putting their rent on credit card.

          As for enjoying the dialog – I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t, my man. I hope you enjoy it, as well. As much of it as you can understand, at least, being a Perry guy. 😉

          • Deaver Brown

            You are correct “to offer corporate welfare to the wealthiest polluters in the country” but the great state of Texas also provides what you term “corporate welfare” to all corporations such as ours, http://www.simplymagazine.com, which sells ebooks and downloadable audiobooks, a non-polluting approach to media because no plastic/oil is required for production of CDs, water/energy for creating packaging and shipping boxes, and no gas for tractor trailers to haul them all over the USA. And to http://www.vivalowcal.com, selling Premium low sugar low cal non alcohol wine at affordable prices thanks in part to Texas low to no taxes, available to all companies, including the”wealthiest.” Income taxes are virtually non existent in Texas too. And finally of course, your despised man, Perry, has given a huge boost to Tesla across the US. Seems to me the 55% for Perry in Texas have some solid facts behind their support.

      • Hayes

        Aren’t you one of the man contributors on this site? Way to stay professional man, treat your readers like crap an see how that works out for you.

        • You might be surprised to learn that some people on the internet disagree with one another from time to time, and that several sites have implemented “comments” sections to invite discussion, disagreement, debate, dialog, diatribe, and other words that begin with “d”.

          You should consider this thread a fine example of the above, and a strong indicator that we’re not here to help justify each and every reader’s personal misconceptions about the state of reality.

  • Rick Perry is such a ridiculous, two-faced twat. He might as well add “a Gigafactory” alongside “rain” to the list of things he’s praying for.

    • k

      Anyone remember the dick perry presidential ad? remember the remake of it when they swapped his head for an ass? I didn’t understand the original one because poo doesn’t come out of people’s mouths, but it all made sense when they fixed his head.

  • JackB125

    Texas governors have the authority to call as many special legislative sessions as they wish & to set the agenda of those sessions. I’m hoping that governor Perry will do just that to force the Texas legislature to take a hard look at these rent seeking statutes. Also, IMO, making an exemption for Tesla would be much too narrow of a change & unfair to all the other automobile manufacturers that sell products in Texas. The automobile dealership franchise laws are just poor economic policy. They should have been repealed decades ago.

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