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Video: BMW i8 Deliveries Make History With Laser Headlights

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It’s been five years since the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept first debuted, the precursor to the car we all know as the BMW i8. Five years is a long time to wait, but finally the first BMW i8 hybrid supercars are being delivered to anxious owners. The first eight BMW i8 customers received their cars at BMW’s Munich headquarters, making history by buying the first production cars with laser headlights.

Yes, laser headlights. If you need yet another reason to buy this $136,000 hybrid sports car besides the awesome sound or amazing MPG, it’s laser freakin’ headlights. Though used only for the high-beams, lasers have a number of distinct advantages over even LED headlights that make them the perfect fit for a car basically plucked from the future.


BMW claims the i8’s laser headlights can project 600 feet through the darkness, about double the range of LED headlights, and automatically dim  when they detect an oncoming car. Most importantly, the laser headlights actually consume 30% less power than even the uber-efficient LEDs, leaving more power for performance.

As the first production car with laser headlights, BMW has beaten crosstown competitor Audi (which debuted its own Quattro Laserlight Concept) to market with this new tech, gaining for its hat another high-tech feather. Hopefully, laser light technology will trickle down into more affordable models, until one day we all wonder aloud how people ever lived with incandescent headlights.


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    What is the lumens/watt of laser headlights? More than 100?

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