Tesla Model S Upgrades On The Way


To keep its only product feeling fresh, the Tesla Model S will get some long asked-for upgrades, including better seats and a smarter navigation system. That’s the word from USA Today, which also detailed other upcoming upgrades for its premier vehicle.

This follows last weeks announcement that “something cool” is coming for the Tesla Roadster, which has been out of production for nearly three years. This will most likely come in the form of a software upgrade, which could improve driving range, power output, or even charging through a simple download.

The upcoming changes to the Tesla Model S will also come in the form of a download, with the navigation system now giving drivers routes around traffic jams. Owners can also name their Model S via the Tesla app, and the electric car will even “learn” its owner habits, though what this entails isn’t detailed just yet.

One welcomed improvement though will be improved seats, the center of many complaints from Model S owners who don’t find the current offerings comfortable enough. Power folding mirrors and parking sensors are also new options for Model S buyers, and the underbody shield is now standard equipment on the Model S, and is being offered as a free upgrade to current owners.

As for the future? Tesla is working on autonomous driving technology that it hopes to bring to market soon, as well as an all-wheel drive version of the Model S. And lets not forget about the Tesla Model X, which is slated to begin production en masse around this time next year.

Lots of things to look forward to in Tesla’s future.


Christopher DeMorro

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