Google Glass Will Help EV Drivers Find Recharging Stations


Ten years ago, people with diesel cars had anxiety over where to find fuel when driving in unfamiliar territory Today, electric car owners have similar concerns. and while smartphone apps have helped, in many states using cellphones is illegal while driving. So what’s the solution?

SemaConnect, an EV charging station maker, has just unveiled an app that works with Google Glass to locate any one of their 300 charging stations located within 20 miles. The operation is completely hands free, and includes turn by turn directions on how to get there. To make things even easier, SemaConnect has partnered with Recargo on an app that allows you to pay for the recharge on your smart phone.

Early adopters are prepared to put up with inconveniences, but most folks aren’t going to get excited about owning an electric vehicle if they’re always worried about recharging. The SemaConnect app is a step in the right direction towards a future of hands-free, electric car driving, and while not as intricate as this video for Google Glass apps linked to the Tesla Model S, it’s a real world purpose for this piece of high technology.

Until there are as many charging stations as there are gas stations, apps like this will be invaluable to electric car users…and could give Google Glass a real sense of purposebehind the wheel.

Source: Green Car Reports



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