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Published on May 24th, 2014 | by Jo Borrás

Hydra Gator is a $60K, Amphibious Hybrid Golf Cart

May 24th, 2014 by  

hydra gator amphibious golf cart

With a sticker price of $60,000, the Hydra Gator is a specially modified, four-wheel-drive, fully amphibious diesel-electric hybrid golf cart that will help you find your balls, no matter where they might be hiding!

As before, the Hydra Gator is a hybrid golf cart, with a drivetrain that mates a 953 cc diesel engine and a pair of 75 pound electric marine motors taking care of the vehicle’s propulsion in the water. With 4WD engaged, the ‘Gator’s makers claim it’s good for 7 MPH on calm waters, with about 30-45 minutes of pure electric running possible at 2 MPH.

So, yeah. It seems terrible.

Granted, the best way to learn a love of nature and foster a desire to preserve it is to go out into it. That said, those of you itching to dump $60K would be well served by clicking this link to check out the Bubbacraft. Built by Golf Pro Bubba Watson and available for a few grand less than this slow-moving monstrosity, Bubba’s BW1 hovercraft will go everywhere the Hydra Gator will go – only it’s faster, cheaper, and better-looking. Alternately, you could pick up an amphibious Argo for 1/3 the cost, or one of the Der Ziesel mini-tanks for about half.

That’s just my opinion, though. What’s yours? Does Bubba’s BW1 win the over-wrought “green” machine showdown here, or does the Hydra Gator win by virtue of its diesel hybrid drivetrain and 4WD? Let us know, in the comments.


Source | More Photos: Gizmag.

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