Race Around The World In 80 Days With Zero Emissions In 2016


In April of 2016, an 80 day around the world race open only to zero emissions vehicles will begin, inspired by the classic Jules Verne novel. This new race takes to heart the original work’s focus on new technology subverting the status quo, as teams land and sea without burning any fuel.

The idea is to have teams begin somewhere in Western Europe, most likely in London where both the novel and the Reform Club began, and head eastward through the Middle East, India, and China. From there they’ll embark on zero-emissions boats to cross the North Pacific, arriving on the West Coast of the U.S. before driving into South America.

From there, teams will cross the Atlantic back into Europe, where the final stretch will take place on the last bit of land between competitors and total victory. Though it won’t be the first zero-emissions race around the world, it could be the biggest.

Eight major cities will serve as checkpoints along the way, and there is already buzz building in the racing world among top-tier drivers, like Le Mans winner Jan Lammers and Dakar pioneer Tim Coronel. My question is what vehicles will be entered into this epic zero-emissions race? I’d love to see a factory-sponsored Tesla team taking on the big names into the automotive and racing world, and with more range expected for the Nissan Leaf, it could end up a seriously competitor too. We might even see a few hydrogen cars enter the fray, if the fueling infrastructure is installed in time.

If you were to enter a zero-emissions race around the world, what would be your preferred ride?

Source: 80 Day Race


Christopher DeMorro

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