The Sada Bike Folds Into The Size Of An Umbrella


Even as rental rates skyrocket in major cities, apartments seem to be shrinking in size,making bike storage an issue. The Sada Bike solves that problem with an easy-folding design that shrinks it down to the size of an umbrella.

The spokeless design of the Sada Bike allows the whole thing to fold with a single movement, and the packaging turns into a backpack, allowing you to carry it up off the street and into your apartment. It’s a clever design, no doubt, but it also means the wheel hubs are going to be quite heavy, and without the proper gearing, motivating this folding bike is gonna take a lot of muscle.


Though still a prototype, the Sada Bike or something like it may become necessary in a future where many people can’t afford more than a 200 square-feet of living. Think that’s an exaggeration? Imagine trying to fit a bike in this $1,275, 100 square-foot apartment. There’s barely room for a bed, never mind a bike, necessitating additional storage and costs…or bunking with your bike.

Folding bikes would also make those huge and costly external bike racks obsolete, as it could fit in even the smallest compact. If Sada can secure the funding, this prototype could be a big hit with cash-strapped urbanites who are paying far too much money for far too little space.

Source: Sada Bike via Gizmodo


Christopher DeMorro

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