Nissan Creates The World’s First Self-Cleaning Car, Sort Of


Nissan has released a new video showing off an interesting feature of the Note prototype. See, this Nissan won’t get dirty. By using their “secret” paint, the car repels moisture and dirt using what are most likely the same hydrophobic materials that have been used in the past few years in the clothing and manufacturing industries.

The Note’s driver side is coated with the water-loathing substance. Then, the car is taken through puddles, hugging dirt curbs, and beyond to show exactly how resistant this stuff is as the non-treated side is effectively caked with dirt while the treated side remains clean.

Nissan Note Self Cleaning Close

This is, however, not Nissan’s first attempt at a “non-stick” car. Back in 1994, Infiniti put out a commercial starring Jonathan Pryce showcasing the Q45’s new scratch-resistant, pollution-and-acid rain protected paintjob. During the spot, Pryce shoots suction cup darts at the Q45 demonstrating the car’s abilities as they slip right off.

Innovations in waterproofing technologies have led to everything from clothes to flooring being made super-duper waterproof, but as with most amazing inventions, there are drawbacks. If you look closely in the video before the filthiness begins, the “self-cleaning” side of the car appears a bit less glossy than the untreated side. There are also complaints that the hydrophobic paint forms a sort of film after some use.

As time progresses, these advancements will continue and scientists and chemists can iron out some of the wrinkles. Someday I’ll be able to hold my smartphones in between our ear and shoulder while using the can, thanks to hydrophobic coatings. Until then we’ll have to wash our cars and hold our phones like the savages that we are.

Source: Nissan

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  • Dihydrogen_Monoxide

    It wasn’t mentioned in the article but it occurs to me that a reduced need for washing means not only conserving water, but improved fuel efficiency (and slightly greater EV range) since dirty cars have more drag.

  • Rachel Lachance

    Leave it to Nissan to create something incredibly amazing!

    A car that self-cleans all the bird poop that lands on it. And there seems to be a lot of it around here. Bird poop is one of the most damaging things to a car’s finish. If the stuff is left on the car, it will eat away the paint. Try not to park your car under a tree. The tree sap, bird dung and the residue left by leaves are all tough on a car’s finish.

    I love my Nissan Versa. I traded in an SUV that was getting 17mpg for this great car. OH yeah, and the insurance dropped from $70 month to just $24/month (from Insurance Panda… woohoo!) There is plenty of room for everyone. I wouldn’t go back to my SUV for anything.

    Nissan is an amazing company with remarkable cars. Amazing interiors, awesome engines, supreme body styling. Why can’t American auto companies be like them??

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