The European Union Wants Electric Cars To Make More Noise


As electric cars become more prevalent on the roads, new safety measure for pedestrians are already being put in place in Europe. Why? Because electric cars run so silently, and that can pose a problem for seeing impaired or blind pedestrians when they try to cross the road. The solution? Make EVs louder.

Last year, the NHTSA announced a plan to mandate all EVs sold in the United States be required to make an audible noise when running at lower speeds. Some cars, like the Nissan Leaf, already emit an audible warning sounds, though not every EV (including the Tesla Model S) has made that optional move. In Europe, EVs are not yet required to make any sound at all, but by 2019, all EVs in Europe will be required to produce what is being called an “Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems“. This decision was made by the European Parliament with a big push from Liberal Democrats.

The new rule doesn’t state what the sound being emitted must be like, simply an “adequate sound generating device”, so get ready for a wide range of sounds coming out of the EVs in Europe. I’m thinking George Jetsons’ flying car sound will top the list, though it certainly opens the door for plenty of customization options down the road.

At the same time as silent EVs have to make some noise, loud combustion engine cars are being forced to be quieter. Politics in action people! Yes, The European Union is currently looking to lower the sound of traditional cars on their roads by 25%. The report, which is very politely titled “Quiet Please”, can be found here.

Source: Autoblog Green


Andrew Meggison

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