Video: Land Rover Develops Transparent Hood To Off-Roaders Delight

Using a combination of cameras and an advanced Heads-Up Display, Land Rover developed a “Transparent Hood”, giving drivers a clear view of the road below. It’s every off-roaders dream gadget, allowing an unimpeded look at obstacles ready to rip your rig’s guts right out.

Serious rock climbing and off-roading often requires the use of spotters to help guide modified rigs over perilous impediments. Land Rover has long prided itself on the off-road capabilities of its trucks, and using a grille-mounted cameras and HUD mounted in the lower windshield, they’ve created something new and totally different.

The cameras project an image of the terrain directly in front and below the hood area, giving an unimpeded look at whatever lays in front of you. Land Rover is all about those long, epic journeys, and this short video shows how this technology could improve travel on the road-less traveled. It could be just as useful in cramped urban environments, and I don’t see why it has to be limited to what’s directly in front of the car. What about seeing around corners, or removing blind spots, allowing for less conventional car designs?


I might be getting a little ahead of myself, but if this technology is more than just vaporware, it could be a huge leap forward from both a technological, and design perspective. After all, if you can make a hood and engine transparent, why not the rest of the vehicle? Perhaps that’s part of the “larger vision” Land Rover plans to unveil at the New York Auto Show next week? Land Rover and Jaguar have both embraced an overall greener approach to their cars and manufacturing methods, but this see-through hood is something excitingly different.

Though this will mostly benefit those who do most of their driving off of established throughways, one day it might be a feature we all just take for granted.

Source: Land Rover


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