Video: Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi Tribute Brings The Feels

This touching tribute to the Volkswagen Kombi explores the long journey through the many adventures taken by its many owners, and it hit me right in the feels. Because when it comes down to it, vehicles like the Kombi may be merely vessels for life’s many journeys, but those vessels often end up meaning just as much to us as the journey itself.

I’m often asked why I love cars so much, and the answer I give is always the same. Vehicles have the ability to stir emotion and passion in otherwise ordinary people, filling them with a creative fervor, a need for speed, or an insatiable wanderlust. Few vehicles evoke this passion in the way that the Volkswagen Type 2 has over the past 64 years.


While it has undergone minor face lifts and a few surgeries to give it a modern motor, the Kombi has remained endearingly simple. Every attempt to replicate the success of the past has been stillborn, and the hope for a modern Kombi remains distant.

The Kombi was a throwback to a time long past, of hippies and epic road trips and bold ideas forged in a bygone era when the world had fewer rules and more ambition. Volkswagen continued to make the Kombi in Brazil, selling over 1.5 million units, but new emissions standards finally forced the inevitable, with production ending this past December. While it may not have been the greenest or cleanest car on the road, and it certainly wasn’t the fastest or the most fun to drive. But it embodied an element of the human spirit that craves adventure and drives us to do great things with our short time on the planet.

The final Kombi will spend its days in a Volkswagen museum, a reminder of simpler times and simpler cars that still find a way to tug on our heart strings.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to find a tissue.


Source | Video: Volkswagen.


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