2015 Ford Focus Sedan Gets New Look, More Tech


Ahead of its New York Auto Show reveal, the 2015 Ford Focus sedan has been revealed with the new corporate nose and more features for the tech savvy. While not the most exciting launch we’re sure to see next week, it’s among the most important as Ford’s hottest selling passenger car.

Besides the new look, which follows the lead of the 2015 Mustang and Fusion models, Ford added a rear backup camera as a standard feature ahead of new regulations making them mandatory by 2018. The camera will be connected to either a 4.2 LCD screen or an 8-inch MyFord Touch touchscreen mounted on the center console, and the 2015 Focus will also come with optional blind spot and lane departure warning systems. A spiffier, nicer interior rounds out the changes on this fresh new Focus.


Another new option for the 2015 Focus is the 1.0 liter EcoBoost engine, paired exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission, just as in the hatchback and wagon models that debuted last month in Geneva. Ford is promising big fuel economy from this small, three-cylinder engine that makes due with just 123 horsepower, and with a manual as the only transmission option, I don’t expect this engine to be too popular, at least not until they offer an automatic.

A new SE Sport package will add 17-inch glossy black wheels, grippier tires, and even paddle shifters on models equipped with automatic transmissions. An updated version of the Focus Electric will also be on hand, though the 2015 Focus ST won’t be shown until later in the year. Just don’t hold your breath for the Focus ST diesel announced for Europe.

Source: Ford


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