3D Printing Bonds Liquid Metal And Stone To Ford Torino


3D printing has the potential to charge car manufacturing as we know it…and the art world has taken a shine to it too. At the Inside 3D Printing Expo last week, artist Ioan Florea displayed an art installment based on a classic Ford Torino, fitted with 3D-printed pieces of sandstone, and smothered in liquid metal.

The message is something about bridging the gap between the original Industrial Revolution (as represented by a liquid metal-covered wagon), and the technological revolution 3D printing represents. From plastic guns to full-size cars, 3D printing could revolutionize everything we know about the manufacturing industry, as well as giving artists unlimited variation for their chosen canvas. In this case, it’s a classic full-size Ford.

Florea had the 1971 Torino completely gutted before enlisting the use of an industrial-scale 3D printer to print off specially-shaped blocks of sandstone, which he fitted to the car with bolts and metal mesh. You can still see some of the mesh beneath the liquid metal, which was poured atop the sandstone. As you can imagine, the Terminator T2 treatment added a great deal to the Torino’s weight, as well as its fear-inducing factor.

I kinda get it, I think. What we’ve got here is a combination of old and new manufacturing methods, all attached to a single vessel. And when you think about the almost unlimited potential that 3D printing has to shape modern society, and the auto industry in particular, this terrifying Torino seems a little cooler.

Source:DVICE | Images: Ioan Florea


Christopher DeMorro

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