Video: 2015 Honda Fit Kit Lets Buyers Build Their Own Car

Kit cars have been popular for decades, and the 2015 Honda Fit Kit will give DIY types a chance to build a brand new Honda Fit right in their loft apartment.It sounds crazy because it is, and could change the way the whole auto industry works. What a way to start April.

The Honda Fit Kit will include all 200,000 bits and pieces needed to make a complete car. Sounds intimidating, but a detailed DVD and instruction manual will help us creative, crafty types stay on task. These days us Millennials are all about artisan this and handcrafted that, and Honda is taking that DIY spirit to the next level with the Fit Kit. While other kit cars are barely drivable, or are based on old designs, this is the first brand new car you can build by yourself, from the comfort of your $3,000 a month NYC studio apartment.

For a generation raised on cellphones and awarded just for showing up, the DIY Fit Kit is the perfect way to reconnect with the can-do spirit that made America great. Handcrafted cars? I mean, how are you gonna beat that? With your silly little microbrews? Ha!

That’s like, so 2009.

Source: Honda


Christopher DeMorro

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