Switzer Performance Announces 1500 HP E85 Off-roader

Switzer Baja Pre-runner

With nearly 1500 hp on tap from its twin-turbocharged, ethanol (E85) powered, 5.6 liter Nissan V8 engine, the Switzer Performance QX-R concept you see rendered here is headed for Baja, to “pre-run” the legendary 1000 off-road race held in November.

“We didn’t set out to build this car,” explains Neil Switzer. “We had a customer that wanted us to put one of our E1K-X PKG VR38 engines into his Infiniti QX80. Once we did that, we had a 4×4, off-road capable driveline laying around, as well as an R35 body shell. I asked the customer what he wanted to do with them, and he jokingly said ‘Why not put them in the GTR body?’ That’s how this project was really born.”

Both builds are in-progress now at the Switzer Performance headquarters in Oberlin, Ohio- which has a history of generating April Fools’ Day press releases that turn out to be real customer builds. “The joke is that we’re not joking,” says Neil. “It just seems like we are, because what Tym, Sr., Boyan, and all the other guys in the shop are capable of really defies the limits of what people think is possible.”

You believe what you want. For more information, or to inquire about how you can get the crew at Switzer to build you your own VR38-engined off-roader, contact Switzer Performance directly.


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