NASCAR Underdoge Driver Sponsored By Dogecoin


Reddit and virtual joke/serious currency dogecoin came together in a spectacular display of Internet activism to sponsor underdog NASCAR driver John Wise. Though the design of the doge-themed NASCAR hasn’t been settled, come May 4th the face of the Shiba Inu meme sensation will make its way around Talladega Motor Speedway. Much coin, so NASCAR, very wow.

Made it this far, and still don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Here’s the gist of it; “doge” is a meme that erupted late last year from the folds of reddit, and “dogecoin” is a virtual coin, or cryptocurrency, that exists only in the virtual world in the same vein as Bitcoin. Last week, a redditor noticed that NASCAR driver John Wise lacked a major sponsor that would give him the funds to race in the upcoming NASCAR race at Talladega Motor Speedway.

From there the Internet and its mysterious ways took over, with dogecoin organizer Kevin Dusenberry leading the charge. A few days and $55,000 later, and dogecoin was the official sponsor of John Wise’s No. 98 race car, giving the up-and-coming driver a shot at one of NASCAR’s biggest events. The dogecoin community had previously sponsored the Jamaican bobsled team’s bid to get to the Sochi Olympics, but this is much, much bigger. Wise is still vetting designs for his car, though you can bet it will be very doge.

John Wise is understandably elated to have a crowd-sourced sponsor, and this is a big step towards some real recognition for dogecoin.

Much legitimacy, very sponsor, so Internet.

Source: Mashable


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