GM Wants The Same “Set Of Rules” For Tesla In Ohio



In the battle between Tesla Motors and entrenched car dealers, reinforcements have arrived for the status quo in the form of General Motors. With the recent setback in New Jersey, the battlefield has shifted to Ohio, where another proposed ban on direct car sales awaits authorization.

According to Automotive News, GM’s Selim Bingol, VP of global communication sent a letter to Ohio governor John Kasich urging him not to allow Tesla to operate under “a completely different set of rules.” Ohio has become a place of contention after an underhanded effort to ban Tesla sales failed at the last minute, just like the successful New Jersey ban that snuck through at the last minute.

Meanwhile though, states like Texas and Arizona are changing their tune in regards to direct sales, as Musk’s proposed battery Gigafactory could bring thousands of jobs and millions in tax revenues to the sunny states. Most major automakers have remained quietly on the sidelines though as the Tesla saga unfolds, and GM ‘s letter is one of the first public statements on the matter.

If you need any further convincing that the dealership model only benefits car dealers and makers, well, here’s your sign.

Source: Automotive News

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  • Jim Smith

    if GM does not like the dealers either, they should help Tesla by breaking the backs of the leeching dealers.

  • MrKevinSD

    Another reason I will never buy a GM product. Is GM really an “American” company anyways? Why is it Toyota manufactures their trucks in the USA (Texas), yet GM makes their trucks in MEXICO!!? Don’t beliieve me. I took this VIN from a 2014 sierra on autotrader (3GCUKREC8EG260765) and decode the vin.. Guess what!? Made in MEXICO. If GM really likes the government interfiering with the “free market” why don’t they move their headquaters to CHINA?

  • thomashenden

    General Motors should shut up!

    They had their chance with electric cars with their EV1 which they choose to kill, by not only stop making them, but ensuring as many of them as possible, got destroyed, despite the leasers great satisfaction.

    Even more patriotic than going to war to get more oil for yesterdays’s gas guzzlers, is making american car products which free the US from the dependency of foreign oil and halts the stream of money to muslim countries, especially the one, almost all the 9-11 terrorists came from, where women are not allowed to drive cars.

    In my opinion, trying to close down the Tesla car shops, under the described conditions, is as unpatriotic you can get!

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