Katy Perry Bought 5 Fisker Karmas, Apparently

Katy Perry topless

You’ve gotta hand it to Bob Lutz and the guys behind the newest incarnation of Fisker Automotive– they certainly have some high-level fans. That fan base includes pop sensation Katy Perry, apparently, because there are reports circulating that the signer picked up 5 of the slick-looking Fisker Karma plug-in hybrids recently, issuing them as semi-official Katy-mobiles for her staff to tool around Los Angeles in.

No word, yet, on whether this is a real thing that Katy Perry did or some sort of elaborate Fisker Karma publicity stunt being carried out by the Wanxiang group. Either way, it’s a fun story- and a fun game, as well. I’ve been told there’s a Fisker Karma hidden in the picture above. Take a look for yourself, then let us know how long it took you to find the Fisker in the comments sections. Enjoy the game!

Also, before we get all excited and start calling Katy Perry a wonderfully empowered female role model for picking up a few (presumably discounted) hybrid cars, let’s all take a look back at the video that made her famous.


Source: GTSpirit.


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