2015 Lotus Esprit V8 Not Dead Yet

2015 Lotus Esprit V8

Lotus made big news when it announced it was ditching the reliable Toyota power plants found in the current Lotus Elise, Exige, and Evora models in favor of its own turbocharged V8. It made big news again when it unceremoniously tossed its CEO out on his a** for misappropriating company funds and being generally terrible at CEO’ing- at the same time, we were assured that the best of the company’s controversial concepts, the Lotus Esprit, was safe from internal budget cuts and would come to market in 2013.

Did you guys happen to see a new Lotus Esprit in 2013?

Neither did I, because there wasn’t one. That said, it may still be in the cards for next year. “Contrary to popular belief the factory is keeping its options open,” said Alastair Manihera, brand manager for Lotus Australia and New Zealand. “It’s extremely exciting — we’d love to see (the new Esprit), but as far as what happens when, we still need to find out from the factory where they’re going to go.”

The main sticking point is the “modular” Lotus V8 engine, which the company seems committed to putting in the car. A move like that would free Lotus from Toyota, as well, since the 9000 (!) RPM V8 engine is reportedly capable being scaled to fit into the Lotus Elan and Elise. “It was supposed to be a modular [engine] platform so you could break it down to six or four cylinders theoretically speaking, but again the factory is evaluating various options, on existing and future lines,” says Manihera.

Here’s hoping they get their stuff together and we can get our hands on a 2015 Lotus Esprit packed with a 9000 RPM Omnivore V8 that can run on just about anything- heady, heady stuff. Do you think they’ll pull it off? Let us know what you think of Lotus’ chances in the comments.


Source | Photos: Motoring, via Sub5Zero.


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