Chris Christie Pisses Off Everyone in One Single, Stupid Move


Chris Christie at CPAC 2014

Once upon a time, the Republican party of the United States was a party of ideas. Not everyone agreed with their ideas, but at least the party had ideals. In many cases, a sense of noble purpose that spoke to their role as champions of the free market also, with ideas and strategies that went far beyond “be against whatever the black guy says”. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie used to be one of those rare, post-9/11 Republicans who seemed to still have a good head on his shoulders. One who wasn’t blinded by racist, partisan, Tea Party stupidity. Here he is (rightfully!) defending Judge Sohail Mohammed in 2011 …

… showing himself to be a smart, decent human being. At some point, however, Christie’s mad grab for cash and power made him lose sight of the Republican ideal of the free market. He showed as much when he stabbed Tesla in the back in a bizarre political move last week, which drew the ire of everyone.

As reporter Paul Mulshine put it:

On the right, the National Review said that our governor “slapped free markets across the face.” In the middle, a headline in the California-based magazine Wired read, “New Jersey Bans Tesla to Ensure Buying a Car Will Always Suck.” And on the left, the Daily Kos accused Christie of being “in the pocket of the Koch Brothers and/or their Big Oil pals,” adding, “Maybe Christie figured he’s on his way down the drain, so he might as well do one last solid for his puppet masters.”

It seems, then, that Governor Chris Christie is well and truly sunk. It’s too bad, too, because the strong, smart New Jersey Governor who stood on those steps and defended Judge Mohammed in that 2011 video looked really, very, pretty convincingly Presidential to me. Here’s hoping he gets his head out of his a** before that Eddie Munster-lookin’ s***weasel Paul Ryan gets nominated for- anything, really.


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  • Tim Cleland

    Protectionism NEVER works…and that’s exactly what this is. This was a blatant pander to the auto dealers association to keep their bread buttered. It ensures that consumers always have to go through a middle man to buy a new car. 🙁

  • Jason Carpp

    Who the hell does he think he is? “Free market is for liberal Commies”. Says who?

    • Tim Cleland

      I believe that “quote” is the author’s attempt at irony, not a real quote.

      • Jason Carpp

        Is it?

  • EdselFord

    Governor Chris Christie is a RINO.

  • shecky vegas

    There are a couple interesting articles highlighting the New Jersey side of this story. I suggest everyone read them. It appears Tesla got a license to operate in New Jersey by virtue of the incompetence of a couple government employees and Tesla was exploiting that error in an attempt to get full licensing in the state. If it had, it would have been, and would be, the ONLY manufacturer allowed to sell directly to consumers. In effect, they would have the monopoly for this particular type of business model for the entire state of New Jersey.
    What Jersey did what discover their error and began enforcing the laws already on the books. They didn’t create any new laws. And Christie only came into this near the end.
    I’m a big Tesla fan, wish I had the money to buy one. But this smacks of a little under-handed manipulation by golden boy Musk. Hmm, maybe EVs are getting more mainstream.
    Anyway, here are the articles —

  • climatehawk3

    Agree in general that this appears to be just pandering to that wellbeloved demographic of car dealers but more importantly this article let me realize why Paul Ryan seemed so familiar.(Eddie Munster).

  • WrongPassword

    And after Christie got caught stabbing Tesla in the back with an executive order, he went and blamed it on the NJ legislature’s. I didn’t know the Motor Vehicle Commission (formerly the DMV) was part of the NJ legislature.

  • AaronD12

    Car buying is right up there with pre-arranging your own funeral and doing taxes. Why can’t this be a pleasant experience? Saturn tried, but with GM’s baggage, they died.