$205,820 Tesla Model S TSportline Super Gallery (15 Photos)


Most Expensive Tesla Model S

There is no doubt that the Tesla Model S is a premium product that carries a premium price tag. While Tesla themselves often quotes the “starting at” price for their Model S, however, at least one Tesla owner wanted to see just how high he could get the car’s price by ticking all the options that were made available to him. The result? The $205,820 Tesla Model S shown here.

Now, to be fair, I should point out that nearly half of the cost of the $200K Tesla you see here comes from aftermarket upgrades made by a company called TSportline. Presenting themselves as a sort of “AMG for Tesla”, TSportline claims to be “the world’s first electric car accessory tuner specifically focusing on the Tesla Motors brand. We are a group of automotive enthusiasts with over 30 years of combined automotive accessory experience. Our passion is electric cars and the Tesla brand. We believe Tesla has provided us a pallet (sic) where we can enable each owner to individualize his or her Tesla.”

Faulty grammar notwithstanding, it looks like the TSportline guys know what’s what. You can see what the included TSportline upgrade options cost here …


Most Expensive Tesla Model S


… and note that their prices are actually fairly reasonable when compared to, say, RENNtech or Brabus, who offer similar visual and interior upgrades for Mercedes and Tesla-branded cars. If you can afford it, then, it might not be a bad price to pay for an utterly unique ride. Check out TSportline’s “most expensive Tesla Model S” photo gallery, below, then let us know what you think of the car in the comments section at the bottom of the page.
















Source | Photos: TSportline, via Motorpasion.

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  • georgevoll22
    • topkill

      I love how you jerkoffs get all sexually aroused about this: simply because it’s an EV and Fox News told you that was bad. Get your head out of your ass and look for REAL problems…

      You want to talk about waste: How about spending a billion on planes we didn’t need to save 800 jobs? http://jonathanturley.org/2013/10/08/military-buying-italian-planes-at-50-million-a-piece-and-sending-them-directly-to-boneyard/

      How about Congress buying tanks the military says they don’t want to support jobs in their district:


      • EdselFord

        What about the strip mining that Tesla supports? Faux News is awesome and so is Jo’s journalism or is it journaljisum, it’s journaljisum.

        • You’re so dumb. It’s clearly Jewnalism funded by our Israeli/Illuminati overlords.

          • EdselFord

            Use your powers of deduction, ohh wait you can’t use what you don’t have, hate to be you.

          • So (just to be clear), you have zero materials to back this up. Is that accurate? Seems accurate. I deduced it from your having no sources to back it up. No = zero. The equals sign means math. Do the math. That Lush Rimjob guy says “Do the math!” a lot.

          • EdselFord

            You are the “Professional Blogger”, you can do it with your “Google” skills that have worked for past articles. # copy & paste

        • Also, I Google’d “tesla supports strip mining” and found nothing. Do you have a link?

    • MrKevinSD

      I suppose you don’t use a cellphone, the internet or gas. All have received subsidies from uncle same! #FAIL #MISDIRECTEDRAGE #CANTTHINKFORYOURSELF

    • Alonzo Mt Dew Camacho

      Way to get information from the climatechange denialist shills over at wattsup…

      If TESLA did what was required to qualify for the program, then they deserve every penny.

      Did those morons at Wattsup also tell you that TESLA paid off their DOE loan in full 9 years ahead of schedule?

      Did they tell you that the ROI of that DOE loan program is around 97%??

      No why would they tell you any reliable good news…

      How would you mindlessly peddle their bullshit otherwise…

      Lead, Follow, or Get the Fuck out of the way….

      I am sick of you know nothings acting like anyone should listen to you.

      • georgevoll22

        It is shills, like you, that promote using another limited resource(lithium) all in the guise of Green. How come we don’t hear of the quickchange battery any more. I post something that throws rocks at your glass house and you start crying and calling names, typical liberal.

        • Alonzo Mt Dew Camacho

          Crying?.. Calling Names?

          You are a know nothing… and if you deny AGW/climate change as the sources of your information imply you do… then you deserve to be called.

          You post a link to a quack site like that, and you deserve it, and your tears and crying to mommy fairness, just make it taste that much sweeter.

          Because the Quickswap battery stations are not built yet, but knowing Tesla as I type this 5 are opening today…

          Lithium is and can be recycled endlessly… Besides the fact that Lithium Batteries contain far more Carbon than Lithium, and in the very near future.. Graphene.

          You toss no rocks, at any glass houses.

          Proud Liberal.. and I am right, and you are wrong, I can prove it, and I do not have to be polite to you about it.

          Fuck You.

          I have not even begun to call you regressive dregs names.

          • Jo Borras

            That’s just who he is. He’s the only one allowed to know stuff.

          • georgevoll22

            Name calling again? I give a little information that contradicts your world and you throw a temper tantrum. Is what I posted wrong? If so then prove it.

          • Alonzo Mt Dew Camacho

            Not an iota of anything you ‘gave’ contradicted an iota of anything I put down.

        • Jo Borras

          We brought them up at Deteroit, and were told customers weren’t clambering for them, which i can verify from the 2 people I know who own Teslas. They don’t like the idea of swapping batteries with strangers.

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  • I’d like to personally thank “topkill” for calling George Voll a “jerkoff” on a public forum.

  • EdselFord

    Is it too late to get in on the faux news circle jerk, ohhh ohhh ahhhhhhh. Too late now.

  • MrKevinSD

    An extra 100 grand for custom paint, parking sensors, radar detector and upgraded stereo?!? I can imagine paying that to double battery capacity… But for new rims and paint? RIP OFF

    • egogg

      Exactly. For an extra 100K I’ll take another Tesla with my Tesla.

    • MaxHedrm

      Do math much? More like 80k. It’s still a 66% increase, so that’s a lot, but it’s not 100k.

      • MrKevinSD

        Troll much?

        • MaxHedrm

          No more than you did by over exaggerating the price & under exaggerating the content of the package.

          • MrKevinSD

            You must work for TSportline to have your panties in a bunch. The fact is that you could still buy another tesla with that $80,000. Secondly. Exactly how is the the 3m clear bra and repainted seats going to provide better performance or more range? #FAIL

  • MaxHedrm

    Am I the only one that finds it a bit rich that Gas2.0, one of the worst edited news blogs on the internet, made a snarky comment about the use of pallet rather than palette?

    • Jo Borras

      Probably! Thanks for playing “Who wants to be a jag on the internet!?”

  • georgevoll22

    A little lithium goes a long way, especially for those who suffer from bipolar disorder.

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