Recycled Hawtness: Chicara Nagata's 1966 Honda P25

Chicara Nagata 1966 Honda P25

Not everyone sees a cut-down, steampunk masterpiece when they look at the rusted remains of an old Honda P25. Not everyone, however, is Chicara Nagata- the camera-obsessed gear head responsible for this jaw-dropping restomod moped.

Unlike many of the mopeds you see featured on Gas 2- from the Motoped to the bikes ridden in the Hell’s Satans mockumentary– this particular bike isn’t built off of Honda’s ubiquitous XR50. This one’s based on a 1966 Honda P25/P50 model, which was more of a motorized bicycle than, for example, the Honda Cub. It was cheap, dirty transportation when it was new, and very few survived. It took someone with different kind of eye, then, to see this in that.

Nagata built the bike to participate in the Japanese Nikkei Security Show. To that end, the bike is fitted with a number of cameras that are neatly tucked among the LEDs front and rear and worked into the suspension mounts in the frame itself, giving Nagata’s Honda P25 a full, 360-degree view of anything and everything which, frankly, seems a bit creepy to me. Still, you can’t deny that the man built a sikk looking moped.

You can see more of Nagata’s Honda P25 custom in the image gallery, below, and let us know what you think of the little urban runabout in the comments at the bottom of the page.











Source | Photos: Motorpasion.


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