Electric Mercedes S-Class WIll Follow The Plug-In Hybrid

s-class-coupeMercedes-Benz is going green, and according to one of their top tech guys, the German automaker will launch an all-electric S-Class…eventually. The problem, of course, is battery capacities, but if Tesla can do it, surely Mercedes can figure it out too?

An all-electric Mercedes S-Class won’t be unveiled for awhile yet though, as the S-Class plug-in hybrid is only just starting to roll out. It’s powerful and efficient vehicle, no doubt, but Tesla has shown that there is most certainly a market for premium electric vehicles. More importantly though, chief of S Class engineering Uwe Ernstberger thinks that autonomous vehicles will lead the way in the next few years.

Mercedes plans to be at the forefront of self-driving cars, though Uwe admits there are still plenty of challenges in launching that technology as well. The Mercedes S-Class already employs a suite of autonomous driving technologies, and if you combine that with an all-electric drivetrain, a real Tesla Model S rival starts to shape up. It’d have to be a marked step up from the Mercedes B-Class or SLS Electric Drive models though, neither of which have the range to rival Elon Musk’s electric car, even though the two are said to be growing closer.

For now  the plug-in hybrid S-Class will have to be good enough for Mercedes fans wanting to lessen their environmental footprint.

Source: Top Gear


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