Entry-level 2016 Tesla Model E Gets Rendered, Looks Good


2016 Tesla Model E

It’s at least two years away, but there’s already rampant speculation about the whys, whats, and hows of Tesla’s “entry-level” Model E sedan. There should be, after all- because the Model E, even more than the Model S and Roadster before it, will be the car that brings EVs to the attention of mainstream America. What’s more, we think it’s gonna look a lot like these renderings by Photoshop artist Remco Meulendijk.

The 2016 Tesla Model E sedan is expected to debut shortly after the production version of the all-wheel drive Model X crossover- itself expected to be shown at next year’s Detroit Auto Show. When the car finally does arrive, it’s believed that it will be about 20% shorter (length-wise) than the current Model S, carry a 48 kWh battery pack, and cost closer to Elon Musk’s stated $35,000 target than the $48,000 number that was being bandied about a few weeks ago.

Take a look at the pictures here, then let us know what you think of the Design RM renderings for the new 2016 Tesla Model E in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


2016 Tesla Model E

Source | Photos: Design RM, via GTSpirit.

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  • Wallace

    If it looks like that and goes 200 miles and costs $35k, I will be the first in line. That is a sharp car. Looks like a great Volt replacement. The only car I would consider over my Volt in this price range.

    • Jonny

      Guys, if it looks kind of like this – and knowing Tesla, I’d say it will be like this or BETTER – this car is simply going to put serious hurt on the competition. Imagine kind of like this car in red with gray wheels… it is simply superb.

      • jeffhre

        Sure – but only if you actually like red and gray! (Just kidding)

  • roseland67

    You might be 3rd in line,
    I’ll buy the first two

  • Dan W

    Wallace and roseland67, you’ll be 4th and 2nd/3rd in line respectively. I’ll be pinching the first.

  • Sweet

    IF it was a sportwagon design I’d be more inclined.

    • Boca Ratso

      Your wish is Tesla’s command!


      • Jeff M

        That’s a truck, Sweet said “sportwagon”, I’d like a wagon too. (plus it has those dumb-assed doors)

        • Katie

          How is that a truck? That’s an SUV. And the doors are more convenient, actually. Read about it.

          • jeffhre

            SUV’s are often made on truck platforms and CUV’s (crossover utility vehicles and sportwagons) are often built on car platforms.

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  • Steve

    I only wonder if Tesla will be able to manufacture enough!

    • They’re backed by Toyota and Mercedes- I’m sure they’ll be fine.

      • sunnee

        Who is backed by Toyota and Mercedes??

        • bauuss

          Tesla. I think they are major shareholders.

  • Vicprive

    Like ! And already have

  • Ziv Bnd

    If it looks that good, and if it gets an EPA range of 200 or more, and if it truly has an MSRP of $35,000, we will be fighting to get a reservation in ahead of each other. But in the real world, I would bet that the base E has an MSRP of $42k and has an EPA range of less than 170 miles. To get a 200 mile range you will have to go with the optional battery pack which will cost $3-$5k more.
    Maybe by 2020 they will get it down to $35k for 160-170 miles, but even the Giga factory is going to have trouble getting pack prices down low enough to get MSRP’s reduced that much.
    One other factor to keep in mind is that Tesla will probably be selling more electric cars than any other company this year. Their tax credit may run out sooner than you think.

    • EdwardInFlorida

      The goal is a 200 mile EPA certified range. By time the “E” comes out, battery energy densities are going to be much improved as well.

  • connectgo

    One thing is I would not expect it, based on the price is to commit so much to wheels and tires, proportionally those look to be about 19s, at a cost of $2000 to $3000. I’d expect in the proposed price range 17s and not so quite as low profile. Minor point maybe, but would change aesthetics quite a bit.

    • jtciti

      OEM wheels cost nowhere near that much. Retail rim prices are basically a racket. Yes, you’re right they would probably go smaller to save some cost, but its not as much as that.

      • connectgo

        well I was saying $2 to $3K including the tires. I’d be interested to know what OEM pays for wheels and tires like that.

  • Maiaku Lichota

    I want one…….

  • Charley

    The taillights don’t look as good as on the Model S, though.

  • Kingston Hawke

    I can’t wait for the big companies to start focusing on solar polar. These cars, will lead to that, and that is what will change the game. My dream auto is a Tesla made, semi solar powered luxury RV, with Google self-drive technology.

  • NYCTokyoLondon

    This looks too closely like a mini Model S…..I think it will differ to some degree more than how it appears in these renderings, which are still only a guess, after all. The Model X styling cues are less similar than this, and we already know how it will look.

    I think this was more to show the proportions of a potential Model E than styling….I don’t think tires this low profile would even be offered as an option, let alone a standard in a $35,000 car. Leave it to Tesla to make sure it looks good though, whatever they come up with!

    • Katie

      Right? I love the Model S, but I do wish they change it a bit [so that I can eventually own both 😀 haha]. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!

  • Andy

    That low, sharp edge on the front… And the Maserati-like rear doors.
    I’d work my ass off to get this as a first car if I could.

    At this price-point, we’d have to possibly wave farewell to the BMW i3.
    Just my opinion, though.

    • paul

      Excellent rendering. Retains the look of authority and power (from front end) of Model S (a car I have come to love since my son-in-law bought one), and with some of the elegance of design simplicity that somehow brings me back to the Lotus Elise of the late 50’s – early 60’s. I think these Teslas are not too far from the timelessness of the Audi TT on museum exhibit.

  • Christopher Scott

    Slick indeed….but range is key. 200 miles per charge is the magic number.

    Btw – until someone comes up with a true solid state energy storage solution (Elon) we’re stuck with chemical batteries which haven’t fundamentally changed since the days of Benjamin Franklin…this is the killer energy app waiting in the wings…

  • WingedWolfPsion

    I agree with folks who point out that the car’s a bit too low. This is a car for everyday people who may have to drive over speed bumps, after all. Unless it raises up like the S (and I can’t see that feature in a low-cost car), it’s going to bottom out on stuff.

  • Jesse Custer

    The front looks nice but the back looks so standard.
    Still better looking than most of the other electric cars out there by other manufacturers.

  • FacetweeterByPD

    As long as it has :
    1.) a Sun Roof/Moon Roof option
    2.) Some nice wheel options
    3.) Similar paint colors to the Model S
    4.) Subzero Package
    5.) Interior Lighting
    6.) Range of 150 Miles +
    7.) $45,500 or less.
    8.) Decent Infotainment unit (like an iPad Air or iPad Mini sized screen)

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  • zn

    This just looks like a Model S, which is fine, but I recall Musk saying the Model E would likely have it’s own unique style, still something classy I presume, but not simply just a shrunk-down S.

    In saying that though, I do like the rear quarter of this render. It looks sharper and punchier than the gentle curves of the Model S. I’d like if that angular look sloped down further towards the nose, giving it real road presence while still looking elegant.

  • Helder Pinto

    Agree with ZN, can’t wait for the announcement. Seriously considering getting it.

    • zn

      Last week I saw my first Model S in the wild, and it looked awesome. Sleek but with real presence. And huge. I was surprised how large it was. If the Model III looks even half as good it will sell like crazy.

      • Helder Pinto

        Oh yeah, it will. Tesla’s taking the world by storm.
        Great timing to buy stocks.

        • zn

          Dude, it’s not 2012 anymore.

  • Patrick Taylor

    If it comes out in the mid-thirties, I would buy one. I have driven a Model S..