Pariss Electric Roadster Shown at Geneva

Pariss EV

Though largely overlooked by the English-speaking press, the Pariss electric roadster was first shown at the 2013 Frankfurt show. I’d never heard of it, so when it appeared at this week’s Geneva show I was pleasantly surprised by this compact, Pontiac Solstice-looking EV. Here’s some of the basics.

First, while it may look an awful lot like the now-defunct Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky twins from GM, the Pariss rides on its own carbon monocoque chassis. Fitted with efficient, lightweight driveline components and two electric motors, the all-electric roadster can go from 0 to 60 mph in a scant 3.7 seconds.

That ultra-rigid carbon monocoque chassis, by the way, is pretty similar to the ones used in the prototype classes common in IMSA and LeMans racers. Combining the low weight and rigidity of the chassis with the Pariss’ very low center of gravity and (what the company calls) “optimized mass distribution” should allow the little two-seater to offer exceptional thrills on the track- especially with that big horsepower output.

Inside, the Pariss is trimmed with whatever leather and metal the customer wants- including a few synthetic options for people who want to try to go “vegan” with their bespoke electric sportscars. Range is a selling point, as well, with more than 120 miles available from a single charge of the forward-looking convertible’s batteries.

No word, yet, on whether the iPad-looking, Tesla Model S-aping center panel is compatible with Apple CarPlay– but if you have the kind of scratch required to buy a bespoke roadster, I’m sure you can afford to have an iPad worked into the dash. Take a look at more interior photos from the show flow, and a rendering of the Pariss with the top up in red, below. Enjoy!


Pariss Electric Concept | Interior


Pariss Electric Concept | Exterior

Source | Photos: Pariss, via Motorpasion.


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