Honda Insight Cancelled As Sales Continue To Slump


2010 Honda Insight EXPlunging sales of the Honda Insight has convinced executives to cancel production of the first modern hybrid vehicle ever sold in the United States. While Toyota Prius sales continue to soar, Honda has decided to consolidate its hybrid efforts on more popular models, like the Accord.

In 2013, Honda sold just over 280,000 Insight models, more than 157,000 of them in Japan. In Europe, falling Insight sales led to the cancellation of the Insight alongside stablemate the Honda CR-Z. In The U.S., Honda sold just 4,802 Insights, worse than any other car in Honda’s lineup save, again, the CR-Z.

Meanwhile, culmative Toyota Prius sales eclipsed 3.9 million units, making it the undisputed king of hybrid cars. So even though the Honda Insight was introduced seven months before the Toyota Prius in 1999, Honda has been unable to capitalize on the hybrid car craze. Even though the Insight is supposedly one of the cheapest cars to own, its 41 city and 44 highway MPG ratings are being matched or beat by non-hybrid compacts and diesels, at least on paper.

However, their most recent effort with the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid could change that, and no doubt the marketing people want to focus their efforts there. Honda has offered as many as five hybrid models across a wide price range, dividing buyers’ attention between competing models. A little more focus could really help Honda’s hybrid sales.

So far the Honda mothership has been mum on the fate of the CR-Z coupe, though I don’t have much hope for its long-term future either.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • egogg

    Surprise, a car that looks worse than a prius, and gets worse gas mileage than a prius, isn’t going to sell better than the prius.

    • Tim Cleland

      You beat me to it. It’s also smaller than the Prius making it less practical and probably less safe. The original Insight made sense as it had a very distinct look and took the prize for “ultra mpg mobile” in mass production. The new one never did. It seemed to be a product of corporate “group think”.

      • egogg

        Here’s hoping they bring back something akin to the original insight, perhaps with technology similar to the VW XL1 (only 1/4 its price). Otherwise Honda is doomed to be an Also-Ran kind of company.

  • victor

    I switched over from insight to prius all due to financing terms. I was happy with the mpg and cargo size of an insight. However, due to poor financing term comparing to prius. It was a deal breaker to continue doing business with honda.

  • So, Honda is just throwing up their hands and giving up? That doesn’t sound like the Honda who spent more on R&D than most other companies.

    On the other hand, the Honda Fit is a far better design than the current Insight, and putting their efforts into the Fit does make more sense. Honda should put some R&D effort into the Fit, and make a 100+ mile EV and *sell* it everywhere, and a plugin hybrid version, and put a 6 speed manual and a CVT and Stop&Start in the regular Fit.