Chevy Spark EV Goes 139 Miles on Single Charge


2014 Chevy Spark EV

Driving without cruise control, in ideal conditions, one Portland man was able to take his little Chevy Spark EV on a 139 mile drive on a single charge!

I’ve been a big fan of the Chevy Spark ever since it appeared on the big screen as a vaguely racist Transformer. Add to that the car’s 400 lb-ft of torque available at 0 RPM and the fact that the Chevy Spark is the only car to get an “acceptable” rating in the IIHS’ tiny car crash test and you have a car I definitely want to drive.

Planetsave author Jake Richardson has more on the 139 mile Chevy Spark EV ultra-marathon drive, below. Enjoy!


Electric Chevy Spark Driven Nearly 140 Miles on Single Charge (via Planetsave)

The Chevy Volt is more popular with the press, but the all-electric Chevy Spark is the more environmentally friendly one. Recently a Portland man decided to see how far he could go on a single charge. After driving for six hours he clocked 139.7 miles…

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  • georgevoll22

    24 mph

    • That’s downright zippy in downtown Chicago traffic, son. I think you were trying to make some kind of snarky point to the contrary, however- but, hey, someone responded to you today. That’s gotta be a win, right?

  • georgevoll22

    Win for you but not everyone else.

    • Right, because the millions of people stuck in urban gridlock every morning are all in my imagination?


      • EdselFord

        Guess you showed him.

  • egogg

    Troll’s comments notwithstanding, I think this is really great. I hope to get somewhere near that range in my Coda sometime soon. Only I won’t have cruise control to assist me. Maybe I can go for the slower speed–just jam a stick on the accelerator and drive for 9 hours.

  • curly4

    Yes and that was at a speed of about 23.3 mph. People don’t drive that slow even in residential areas. That speed would be great in an uncrowded area for a Sunday drive but not for people in everyday life where time is of an essence.

    • People drive that slow- if that, actually- in downtown Chicago, LA, New York, etc., etc., ad nauseam every morning. The news here is that they’re not burning gas and won’t have to worry about range issues if the traffic jam lasts longer than expected.