Brammo Electric Motorcycle Races Against the ICE Big Boys


Brammo Electric Motorcycle

Next year’s Isle of Man motorcycle race will once again feature electric motorcycles. This year, though- and, for the first time!- the electric bikes will be competing with the internal-combustion machines in the same category with Darvill Racing bringing a Brammo electric motorcycle to the big leagues.

In the past, motorcycles from makes like Brammo and MotoCzysz have dominated the TT Zero class (named for “Time Trial, Zero emissions”), with MotoCzysz smashing the ton in 2012 and fending off a solid attack from the Honda squad at the 2013 event. Darvill Racing, however, is going with Brammo’s eSuperStock and TTXP2 machine at the “other” Manx road race, the Southern 100.

“We are extremely pleased to be given the opportunity to be the first team to compete with ICE machines in a pure road race event anywhere in the world,” said Alex Aitchison – Darvill Racing Team Principal. “We are looking forward to working with the ACU and Southern 100 club … are committed to being the leading light in the field.”

That’s big talk from Darvill, but maybe they’ll be able to pull off a surprise win? We’ll be watching this year’s Isle of Man race pretty closely, then. What about you? Do you think the electric contingent has a shot at the overall win, or should Brammo stick to TT Zero? Let us know what you think!


Sources | Photos: Asphalt and Rubber, Brammo.

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  • topkill

    I absolutely LOVE to see the electric bikes racing and doing so well at the Isle of Man TT, but I think the batteries are still about 5 years away from having the energy density to compete over a couple of laps with the ICE machines. Are they running in a shorter stint that I’m not aware of because the ICE bikes do two laps at top speed and the TT Zero race is only 1 lap and it’s energy limited at that length.

  • Brandon Nozaki Miller

    “We are extremely pleased to be given the opportunity to be the first team to compete with ICE machines in a pure road race event anywhere in the world”

    What about Chip Yates at WERA, and me at CVMA? I was licensed with the specific intent of having me compete with the gas bikes. And Chip was out there spanking them before I was.

    • Dicey

      I think by “pure road race” they mean a race that involves roads being shut down for it as the Isle of Man does. They aren’t ignoring what you, Chip, and many others have accomplished.

      • Brandon Nozaki Miller

        Lightning competed against and beat all of the gas bikes at Pikes Peak in 2013. I was in the electric Class at Pikes Peak, But Lightning was in the powersports unlimited competing against the gas bikes with Amarock who was also competing against gas bikes.

        Pikes peak requires the very dangerous public road going up to the summit be shut down .