Mahindra Electric Sports Car A Study In Realism

mahdinra-reva-haloIndian automaker Mahindra has unveiled the Reva Halo electric sports car concept with realistic ambitions and a buggish shape. Mahindra hopes to have the Reva Halo on the road by next year, further proof that Indian automakers are thinking about markets outside of the subcontinent.

The Mahindra Reva Halo was designed by Pininfarina and the Bertone Italian design houses, lending the electric two-seater a sporty look and feel, even if the performance could be generously called underwhelming. The 104 kilowatt electric motor translates to just 140 max horsepower, turning the 0 to 62 MPH sprint into a 9-second affair, topping out at around 100 MPH. While hardly fast, it must seem like a bullet compared to the Tata Nano, which takes 17 seconds to get to 60 MPH.

The Mahindra Reva Halo will offer multiple battery pack sizes, with the largest option good for as much as 125 miles of driving. Mahindra has made electric car development a top priority, going so far as to build a 30,000-unit, LEED-certified electric car factory in Bangalore, and the Reva division already sells several electric cars in both the Indian market and abroad. The Reva Halo is quite literally a halo car for the brand, designed to inject some excitement into a lineup that has found selling electric cars to a skeptical Indian public is proving difficult.

The new Mahindra Reva E20 has sold only a couple of hundred units since going on sale last March, for example. Instead, India is still largely reliant on tuk-tuks and scooters, and few people can even afford the world’s cheapest new car, never mind a more-expensive, more-limited electric two seater two seater.

But Mahindra isn’t so easily discouraged, and I doubt they’ve tempered their plans to enter the U.S. market. Though the boat may have sailed on delivering a small diesel pickup before major automakers got the hint, there’s still plenty of room in the electric car market, as Tesla has proven. Mahindra is also entering the 2014 Formula E series, another indicator that this Indian automaker wants to go truly global.

Could Mahindra be the next great EV maker?

Source: Motor Authority


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