Hero Launches Diesel Motorcycle In India


Hero RNT Diesel Motorcycle

Packing a high-torque, high-MPG turbodiesel engine between beefy suspension components and thoughtfully considered cargo racks, Hero Motorcycle’s latest RNT diesel motorcycle concept is set to take the Eastern hemisphere (at least!) by storm … and if you don’t want one then you shouldn’t be here. Try this, instead.

For those of you not in the know, Hero was formerly known as “Hero Honda“, and they were officially licensed by Honda to build bikes like Honda’s durable CG110 and CG125 for the Indian domestic market. They’re good enough at QC, then, that Honda was willing to put its name on their product- and good enough, even, that the whole “Made in India” thing might be more blessing than curse, if Harley plays it right.

So, that’s Hero. Hero’s latest RNT, though, is what we’re here to talk about. Here’s the company’s official announcement …



RNT is the proof that handsome and hard-working can really go together. We know many motorcyclists need capacity and power to haul heavier loads, but they also want to be comfortable, fuel-efficient and stylish. When no solutions exist, well that’s the kind of challenge that we love to take on.

Presenting the striking new Concept of RNT! The low step over height and wide, flat loading surfaces with strap bars, as well as multi-use folding side racks, a large comfortable seat and spacious footboards are the new looks never seen on a motorcycle before!

Under the surface, there is just as much that is new, exciting and practical. Power comes from a high torque 150cc diesel, with optional turbocharger, so the RNT can muster all roads fully loaded.


… which, as you can see, does a good job emphasizing the cargo hauling/utility angle of Hero’s diesel. That’s a big selling point in Southeast Asia and parts of India, where a person’s motorcycle is basically their car- used to get cargo and people to and fro across sometimes treacherous terrain.

Even with all that high-MPG diesel goodness, though, there is more to get excited about with Hero’s new NRT. This diesel motorcycle is going to be made available as a diesel-electric hybrid motorcycle, also!


Another option is a hub electric motor in the front wheel which is powered by an electric battery pack, to give the rider a unique two-wheel drive option for the toughest world conditions and also the possibility to shut off the rear drive and move to the city on electric power front-wheel-drive only.


There’s so much to get excited about with the new Hero diesel motorcycle platform I can hardly focus. What do you guys think? Would a diesel motorcycle do well in the states? What if it was bigger, like a 1300 cc diesel-electric, locomotive-styled Harley-Davidson- would that sell? Let us know what you think, below.


Hero RNT Diesel Motorcycle

Source | Images: Hero Motorcycles.

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  • Jason Carpp

    It looks too small to be a motorcycle. It looks more like a motorised scooter, even better. I’d love to see one here in this country with a diesel engine. We should have one made in North America. The only question would then be, who would buy it? 🙂

  • urgelt

    Looks appealing at a glance.

    Honestly, you don’t need 1300cc engines on motorcycles. That’s just testosterone-fueled bloat. 150cc is plenty to move a bike and cargo.

    I’m no longer riding, but when I did, I used a 200cc Yahama. It could out-accelerate a Porsche from a stoplight, got decent gas mileage for the times, and broke down almost constantly, heh.

    If this diesel bike is as reliable as Honda bikes – or better – and priced reasonably, it could be a huge hit.

  • JD

    No one moves cargo on scooters or motorcycles in the U.S. I don’t think anything will ever change the U.S. from car culture to motorcycle/scooter culture, especially for “cargo” transport.

  • johnsang

    I love the idea of a high torque/low rpm QUIET engine in a step through design like i see here. Affordability?

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  • Mark

    will work

  • ElyasM

    What’s the top speed? Diesel engines are notorious for only revving to about 4500 rpm, whereas a proper sport bike like a GSX-R will rev up well past 15k. Obviously, those two aren’t in the same category, but any bike sold in the states would need to have a minimum top speed of 80-100 mph purely for safety reasons.

    (Not that you need to go that fast, but a top speed of less than 80 mph means you will probably not be able to get to 60 mph in the length of a highway on-ramp, which makes merging with traffic a hazard for all involved.)

    • Joshua

      This is not accurate on the acceleration. I built an 840 cc diesel and believe it or not the acceleration is very similar to comparable gas cruisers even at a 3600 redline. I tested it on 285 in Atlanta and was able to keep with traffic.

  • Leone

    Truly amazing bring it to us real soon !! for rural work and play in Australia and NZ

  • sudhagar

    I love the idea let’s do the change how long we would go on the same platform?

  • G Greenfield

    Brilliant and not before time.

  • MB

    Any details on how much would it cost? As well as how much is the premium (extra cost) over a similar gas/petrol motorcycle?

  • UncleB

    My Question: Can it be run on scrap oil from restaurants, et al? Can it be run on bio-diesel? If so, is this the game changer for the petrol peddlers with their outrageous pricing policies? Can it haul a wee trailer? Power a Tuc Tuc? Be made available Asia wide? Canada? Kick start for those days when batteries fail? Looks like a very successful workhorse for the average soul.

    • BulkZerker

      Hope there is a decompression lever for the kick start then
      14:1 or higher compression ratios will kick back hard.

      • UncleB

        Pray for electric start!

        • BulkZerker

          You were implying a backup kickstart in your OP.