Tesla Embarks On Record-Setting, Cross-Country Road Trip

tesla-supercharger-recordAt midnight on Thursday, a pair of Tesla Model S sedans left the Tesla design studio in Los Angeles on their way to New York City, hoping to set a Guinness World Record in the process. It’s all possible thanks to the recently-completed Supercharger network, which delivers a fast and free charge of electricity to the Model S.

Even though a father-daughter duo already completed the first cross-country trip in a Tesla Model S using the Supercharger network, Tesla itself has a specific goal in mind. The category they’re competing in is the “lowest charge time for an electric vehicle crossing the United States.” Sounds like a recently-invented category if you ask us, though cross-country electric vehicle races are nothing new.

The team of four drivers, split between two cars nicknamed “Thunder” and “Lightning”, is using the Twitter hashtag #DriveFree to keep fans in the loop following their cross-country journey. The three-day journey is set to conclude in New York City late Saturday, though weather is already trying to impede their progress. First, a sandstorm on the edge of Utah slowed them down, and the team is currently dealing with snow in Colorado.

Will Tesla be able to set an unbeatable record with all this inclimate weather in the way? We’ll know by Monday morning.

UPDATE: The Tesla Team is currently making its way through blizzard conditions towards a charging station in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Good luck guys!



Christopher DeMorro

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