3D Printer Plans For Honda Concept Cars Hit The Web

3d-nsxThe quiet rise of 3D printing has the potential to change everything we know about traditional manufacturing, and this includes the auto industry. Honda likes to position itself as one of the more tech-savvy automakers, and the move to upload 3D printer plans of five past and present Honda concept cars is likely just a taste of things to come.

3D printing is making its way into homes all over, and it seems inevitable that everything from utensils to automobiles will be made via 3D printers. No wonder Honda is already aligning itself with the technology, albeit in a benign way. The 3D printer plans include five Honda and Acura concept cars, including the new Acura NSX hybrid, the 2003 Kiwami, and the 1994 FSR Concept.

Of course these aren’t full-sized, drivable vehicles you’re printing, but rather just scale models of the exteriors. Which is still, you know, pretty sweet for any Honda fans who happen to own a decent 3D printer. I’d love to print out a mini NSX for my desk, though most of the other concepts fall somewhere between “Meh” and “Huh?” If you want to download the plans for yourself though, visit www.honda-3d.com.

While we’re still at least a decade or two from the first drivable, 3D-printed car, but it will be a revolutionary day when it does eventually happen.

Source: Honda


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