The Tesla Model S Could Be Made In China


tesla-model-s-chinaChina could be a huge market equalizer for Tesla Motors, and Elon Musk’s fledging electric car company is making a big push in the People’s Republic. Not only will the Tesla Model S carry a comparatively-low price tag in China, but Musk is hopeful that sales will be so high that China will require a Tesla factory of its own.

A “Made in China” Model S would allow Tesla to avoid many of the hefty importation tariffs and taxes, and Musk thinks that demand in the pseudo-communist country could surpass the U.S., and soon. Musk says that China could be “ as big as the U.S. market, maybe bigger,” especially with the country considering strict emissions and car standards that will make pure electric vehicles more appealing.

Musk thinks that by next year, Tesla sales in China will match those in the U.S., and from there all bets are off. The Tesla Model S will cost just over $121,000 in China, and initial reports indicate a surge in interest in the new car. Tesla even won the rights to use its name, just in time for the first cars to go to their first owners. The next step? A country-spanning Supercharger network, and eventually, possibly, a factory on the Chinese mainland.

It would make Tesla vehicles even more affordable, and with an aggressive expansion across multiple continents planned, the little electric car maker shows no signs of slowing down.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • Jason Carpp

    If it’s made in China, I’m not buying. I’d rather it were made in the USA, Canada, Australia, or Germany, than China.

    • CGriffin

      Um, go back and actually “READ” the article. Tesla has a factory in Fremont, CA that is capable of building 500,000 units per year. They will not stop making them there for us here in North America. If they build a factory in China, those cars will be built for Asian deliveries ONLY. They also have a final assembly plant in Norway for European deliveries.

      • Jason Carpp

        I *did* read the article. That doesn’t mean that I understand what it means.

    • T Adkins

      It will be made in China for sales in China. To save money on taxes, shipping and any other cost they can avoid by building in China. You pass some of those savings onto the buyers, in a place where you have a potential market of over 1billion persons even tenths of a percent is a big number.

      • Jason Carpp

        Ah! Ok. I didn’t know that. As long as the North American market cars are made here in North America, I’d be happy. 🙂

  • Jim Smith

    Sensationalist headline! Of course it makes sense to build Teslas for China in China. There is a huge market there, plus if the Teslas are made there they can avoid all the import tariffs. This does not mean Tesla is going to close down the Fremont factory and only build cars in China.

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