Tesla Supercharger Network Now Cover Coast-to-Coast Drive


supercharger-map-2Late last week, Elon Musk made a low-key but important announcement via twitter. Tesla has just completed the coast-to-coast Supercharger network needed to allow the Tesla Model S to make a cross-country drive. It’s the first network of its kind in the U.S., and an important step in Tesla’s planned dominance of the American automotive market.

According to Musk, some 80% of Americans are “covered” by the Supercharger network, and with the completion of the interior corridor, Model S drivers can now drive from one coast to the other and back, for free, using the fast-charging system. Of course the Tesla Supercharger network doesn’t stop there, as there are plans to install many dozens more free filling stations, until the entire country is covered.


The network should be firmly established by the time the Tesla Model E comes to market in 2017, and the proprietary charging technology will give Tesla a huge advantage over competitors whose cars rely on home or public charging stations. Buying a Tesla doesn’t just mean buying a cutting edge electric car; it means access to free fuel forever, or at least until Tesla changes its business plan.

For now though, Tesla-owning Americans can now enjoy a classic American road trip without paying a single penny for fuel, a remarkable advancement in just a short amount of time. Now about those battery swapping stations

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  • egogg

    And this is how it’s done, ladies and gentlemen.

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  • Joao T

    Where is the energy coming from???? Solar?? What??

    • Lazorith

      It’s been long known that energy can be transmitted wirelessly.

  • Joao T

    Why not motor homes????

  • Probably better to show the supercharger map as it exists today, when talking about the just-completed northern connector.


    Great work from Tesla. A little slower than originally discussed, but pretty amazing to see it happening all the same.

    Joao T: most of the energy comes from the grid (and therefore a mix of hydro, nuclear, coal, and natural gas). Tesla has installed solar canopies (~30 kW) at several of the SC stations. Averaged over the year and the country, each canopy can provide enough energy for two 50% charges for an 85 kWh Model S per day.

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  • gendotte

    Well, when I can go anywhere I want too, then I may get rid of my Prius. Until then, no thanks.

    • Randy McFarland

      lol Prius

  • Jason629

    Hey how come I had to spend my money to help one of his clients get a free charge on their car ? They called the customer help line and let them know we are willing to let them set a supercharging station up right here in the parking lot. They got told the message would be passed on and yet a few weeks go by with no call back. If not for me spending $20 of my own money for a end to my welding extension cord so they could get a free 4 hour charge to make it to the next available station they would have been stuck here for a whole day plugged into a 110 outlet and would have had to pay for a hotel room. Good for our economy, but that does not speak volumes for there customer care. A simple callback with a yay or nay on the offer would have been nice.

  • vantompat

    I am a fan, but how is it “free”?

    • Randy McFarland

      Tesla foots the bill

    • Cory

      It will be included in the cost of the purchase of the vehicle (nothings free)

  • Joe Clam

    I-40 would be nice too, hope that’s in the works.

  • Alowyn

    I’m not sure it would be a great idea to have just one automaker dominating the market. Free fuel, and not having to pay $4 plus per gallon is Great! But, what happens if Tesla Corp. decides to start charging at these filling stations?

    • jaws4316

      It’s not a question of “if” but more a question of “when” Tesla starts charging. The technology is pretty impressive, but I’m not sure America is ready for an $80,000 luxury car that you have to stop and recharge. I have a lot of questions too, like how fast is this so-called fast charger? And, what is the driving range between charges? Right now the only market for this car is probably elitist Hollywood airheads, who want to prove how much they care about the environment. What they don’t comprehend is how much new generating capacity would be required if all cars are eventually electric. It doesn’t solve the problem of carbon emissions, if that even is a problem. It simply transfers emissions from the tailpipe to the smokestack.

  • love2have1

    i suspect that the map is a bit of a phony – these are the driving radiuses. e.g. you can drive to st.louis, but once there, there is no place to recharge to get back.

  • cv

    Hey what about us frozen types up here in Canada?! 🙂

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  • Robert Whitacre

    I see all these remarks on just how great this is … first off just where does this energy come from it just doesn’t materialize out of thin air … secondly if I wanted to drive from let say Miami Florida to Seattle Washington according to this map first I would have to push my vehicle half way up the state of Florida to what appears to be the Vero Beach area then start driving north to Philadelphia where I could then proceed to head in a westerly direction till I was past Chicago then I would have to head to the Southwest to south of Los Angeles then up the West coast to Seattle … yeap makes about as much sense as Obama Care.

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  • Elemental DesignCo

    Electricity is all around us in abundance, and YES! Free!! Don’t suspect the powers that charge for power would ever let that be known, have you researched Nicola Tesla and how JP Morgan stole his ideas and left him penniless? Because he wanted free energy for all mankind.

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  • thoomfoote

    Now if Tesla and other electric car manufacturers will agree on standardized connectors and power frequencies, even without giving Tesla a royalty, we will see an explosion in electric car production and sales. The groundwork, through incremental improvements in automobiles of all types, is being laid for a relatively rapid deployment of automated highways and, ultimately, city streets. I bet you money.