Portland Apartment Complex Has Parking For 1,200 Bikes

bike-apartment-2“Keep Portland Weird” is the battlecry of America’s oddest metro area, though Portland has managed to be on the cutting edge of trends like organic foods and biking to work. To accommodate Portland’s bike-loving citizenry, a new downtown apartment complex across the river from downtown will have a record-breaking 1,200 parking spots for private bikes.

In a city where owning a car is seen as a necessary evil at best, bicyclists have earned quite a bit of sway with both the private and public sector. While Portland offers a world-class public transit system and there is even a Tesla Model S taxi service, most of the citizenry still prefer to pedal through Portland. In addition to having some of the best bike lanes and bike-friendly laws in America, local businesses have seen fit to cater to the cycling crowd. This includes the new Hassalo on Eighth apartment complex in Portland’s commercially-thriving Lloyd District, which will have four different buildings, each with plenty of bicycle parking.


Two of the buildings will have street-level parking, and a third will have bike parking in the basement. The fourth building will have bike parking on residential floors, while not forcing residents to live with their primary mode of transportation. There will even be a bicycle valet service, for those of you too lazy to park for yourself. While Portland building codes require 1.5 bicycle parking sports for every resident anyways, going the extra mile and setting a world record in the meantime still sets a good example for other builders. The next-largest bike storage facility in North America only fits about 800 bicycles, making the Portland complex the larger by about a third.

For city dwellers tired of lugging their ride up five flights of stairs or using precious closet space to store your bike, salvation is at hand.

Source: Inhabitat


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