Kia GT4 Stinger Could Be More Than A Concept

photo (4)Even though the Kia GT4 Stinger concept broke cover a few days before the North American International Auto Show, the kinky little coupe with rear-wheel drive and an aggressive, I’m-gonna-race-you-look left us with a positive impression. While there are no plans to bring the Kia GT4 Stinger to production, even Kia’s own press release hints that this could be more than just another pretty concept car.

The 2+2 coupe has seating for four and boasts a downgraded version of the 2.0 liter turbo engine found in the Kia Optima GTS, a Pirelli World Challenge race car. Kia claims this engine makes about 315 horsepower, down from 400 horsepower in the Kia race car. A six-speed manual transmission sends power to the rear wheels, which are naturally shod in Pirelli PZero tires designed to grab the road or track.

The 15-inch Brembos are just about the same size as the brake rotors found on the 625+ horsepower 2015 Corvette Z06, though the GT4 Stinger tips the scales at just 2,874. This lightweight combined with a healthy amount of horsepower and rear-wheel drive could make for a blisteringly fast and fun car. It could also deliver fantastic fuel economy, the kind of fuel economy not expected from sports cars of this caliber.

Alas, Kia notes in its own press release that the GT4 Stinger concept is not destined for production, though the Korean automaker has a history of integrating design cues from concept vehicles into production models. Kia also noted that any vehicle based around the GT4 would come with an “attainable” price tag, and is priced to compete with cars like the Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86.

It’s a stunningly beautiful car if you ask me, and one that’s not so “out there” as to never make it to production. Kia has already proved it knows how to market to America’s Millennials,  and hopefully we’ll see the Kia GT4 Stinger in a production form that doesn’t stray too far from this delicious concept.


Christopher DeMorro

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