Pedal Power: SC-1 Biposto Concept Brings the Sexy


Sexy SC-1 Adult Pedal Car

Velomobiles and pedal cars like the Twike 4XP exist to show us that pedal power can be a viable means of urban transport. Companies like Scuderie Campari, meanwhile, exist to make pedal power dreams utterly, totally, and almost inconceivably sexy. This is the SC-1 ultra-luxe pedal car concept for adults, and it is gorgeous.

Intended to resemble pre-war Grand Prix racers from Mercedes and Bugatti, the SC-1 was designed by Christian Grande. As an industrial designer, Grande has “received no fewer than 15 awards for his nautical and automotive designs”, which goes a long way towards explaining the whys and hows of this Velo’s slinky shape.

While still just a concept, it’s worth noting that Scuderie Campari’s primary business is the construction of high-quality, high-end pedal child-size cars that are directly patterned after old Bugattis and the Ferrari-driven, pre-war Alfa Romeo race cars. While I don’t know this for certain, I can’t imagine that the knowledge required to make an electrically-assisted child-sized pedal car is very different from the knowledge required to make an electrically-assisted adult-sized pedal car. So, if there’s any demand, at all, I’m sure we can expect to see a production SC-1.

If that demand does materialize, each SC-1 will be to order, “tailor-made in the Parma workshop, customization options are vast, from the exterior design through colors and equipment.”

What do you guys think? Is the SC-1 a better interpretation of the human-powered urban EV concept than the Twike, or is the whole “pedal power” concept fundamentally flawed? Let us know what you think in the comments, below.


Source | Photos: Scuderie Campari, via TechVehi.

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  • gendotte

    Cool, yes. Sexy? Meh. But 98% of humanity over the age of 35 would not have the strength to pedal one up a long hill, so, practical? Nah

    • Have you seen the high schools lately? It’s that % over 15.

      • gendotte

        But MIGOD they have strong thumbs!

  • JJ

    This would make one cool electric vehicle.

  • Dulce Revolucion

    Well it is very nice looking.
    But is is just an exterior, it is far form been real, as no any engineering is defined.

    • What are you talking about? It’s a hybrid-electric pedal from a company that makes hybrid-electric car.

  • David McGowan

    I’ve done plenty of illegal soapbox racing in the canyons of Malibu, and in my experience, bicycle wheels are not up to the lateral stresses they are likely to encounter with two adults trying to corner in that vehicle at anything over 25 mph. Speeds of over 50 mph are easily attainable on a 7% grade. The rims will flex, spokes will pop, and a wheel will fold. With sturdier, smaller diameter and heavier (ugh!) wheels, this might be a worthy concept. Another option to help transition lateral forces to radial ones would be to incorporate several degrees of negative camber. This would add some to the rolling resistance, and give a somewhat “broken” look to the axles, but the tuner kids would get off on it.

  • bill gillette

    Dave M, there is an entire recumbent bike industry out there with 3 wheeled tandems achieving high speeds without popping spokes etc. I think you need to re-examine your statement and do some recumbent tandem shopping to see that you may be off in your calculations. The biggest issue I see with this is that there is no room for your legs to pedal unless they are using a linear drive (push pull type crank)

    • David McGowan

      Bent tandems aren’t using battery packs, 700C wheels or side by side seating, from what I remember. With battery packs and composite construction, this pedal car is going to have to weigh in at least a 200# minimum. Add 400# more for two adults of dubious fitness, and figure in the type of user this vehicle is likely to see…

      • Jon Persons

        Both of you have very valid observations… but that’s also why it’s just a concept. The push pull crank is interesting.. how about each side takes it’s turn pushing..(maybe that’s what you mean?) It is a beautiful design, with the proper tuning we may see rolling around the bike lanes someday in Cali

  • mregelsberger

    I think, if you don’t add a roof there is no advantage to a normal bike, or an electric bike, if you want. What is the purpose to sit at the level of car exhausts, have a much more limited view compared to a bike and try to integrate 1,5 ton car traffic in this light weight shell?

    • Advantage 1: trunk. Advantage 2: sitting next to another human being. Advantage 3: it looks like a million bucks (IMO).

      • Rockethead Fred

        Those cleantech guys are placing orders, just one question were the turbo pedal ?

    • Edmond V.O. Katusz

      “What is the purpose to sit at the level of car exhausts,…”

      That depends on the infrastructure of the city, the land, the region, where you do most of your riding. From where I live, Amsterdam, I can bike all the way to the Dutch-German border practically only on special bicycle paths. I do not need to be on the same road as cars use.

      With the special veloroutes throughout the whole of Europe, e.g., I can travel up to Saint Petersburg (Russia) almost “car-free” if I really want that.
      Salut! Edmond V.O. Katusz

  • K Lue

    Great!!! I want to be a test driver!

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  • Edmond V.O. Katusz

    “or is the whole “pedal power” concept fundamentally flawed?”

    No, it isn’t Just look around
    Charles Mochet You have to put it through Google Translate as it is in German. But tehre wil be more places on the Internet with info about Charles Mochet, the granddaddy the designers of cyclecars.

    The Allweder
    Lots of incarnations of this concept. The granddaddy of the velomobiles.

    The Velotilt
    This Delta trike is just presented at the Dutch recumbent show this weekend. Again you have to get it translated. Sorry but the real work in this field is done in The Netherlands and Germany

    The Quest + Quest XS OK, this is right away in English.

    Specialy for David McGowan the DuoQuest 8-))

    Another velomobiel, primarely designed (on the basis of the Strada) by Daniel Fenn one of the formost German designers in this field.

    The Strada Another one.

    What else?
    I can go on in this way, but find out for yourself. There are the WAW, the RAW, the Milan, the Go-One Evo-K, the Go OneEvo-Ks, the Go One Evo-R, The Sunrider, the Orca, the Cab-Bike, the Leitra, the Leiba, the TEAM. the Hornet, the Rotovelo, the… Oh boy there more. Most or some of them can be had with electrical assist or even a stronger electrical motor.

    Flawed concept? Nope.
    Salut! Edmond V.O. Katusz

  • Velomobile1

    Beautiful. A piece of art.