The Arrow EV Is A Jet Fighter For The Road

Arrow-1While some of us have serious doubts regarding the willingness of Americans to embrace tiny, three-wheeled motor vehicles, the Arrow EV may be stylish enough to change some hearts and minds. Inspired by a jet fighter and powered by pure electricity, the Arrow is a sexy trike or quad with room for two underneath its retractable canopy.

Though just a concept for now, the design was penned by professional car designer Charles Bombardier in a partnership with British Canadian newspaper the Globe & Mail. Bombardier envisions a day in the not-too-distant future where smaller, more personal vehicles like the Arrow nimbly dart throw the city streets and country settings. Two passengers can sit inside the cockpit tandem-style

While Bombardier lays out specs for the concept, like a 30 kilowatt motor and a potential maximum range of 370 miles, it’s all just vaporware for now. A more likely trike candidate comes from America’s own Elio Motors, though that uses a small gas engine instead of an electric drivetrain to dart around town. The Arrow is also designed as both a trike and a four-wheeler, depending on your preference.  As we’ve seen before though, three-wheelers can have some serious performance potential when done right.

Are tiny vehicles like the Arrow going to become the norm, rather than the exception? Probably not, but if the Arrow ever becomes more than just some fancy pictures, I might have to check it out a second time.

Source: Charles Bombadier


Christopher DeMorro

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