2015 Ford F-150 Could Get 2.7 Liter EcoBoost V6


ford-atlas-2In little more than a week, Ford will reveal the face and technology of the 2015 Ford F-150. We already know that extensive use of aluminum will drop as much as 700 pounds off of the curb weight of the new full-size pickup, and now rumor has it that Ford could also debut an all-new, 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6 engine, nicknamed “Nano”, alongside the next-gen truck.

Up until now, the Ford F-150 has had the choice of a 3.7 liter V6, a 5.0 liter V8, and of course the 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 that promises both performance and fuel economy. Going forward though, fuel economy has become perhaps the most important factor of new vehicles, and Ford is utilizing all sorts of methods of maximize MPGs in the 2015 F150. But while the new F-150 may use active grille and wheel shutters, as seen on the Ford Atlas concept, the buzz around a new EcoBoost “Nano” V6 is even more exciting.

Rumored to make 320 horsepower and 375 ft-lbs of torque, this downsized V6 would slot in nicely between the base 3.7 liter V6 and the larger 5.0 engine. This would likely be the premium fuel economy offerings, and if rumors of massive weight loss are true, the smaller V6 engine could possibly push fuel economy over 30 MPG highway for the 2015 F-150 when combined with other fuel-saving technologies. That said, it will probably still have side mirrors instead of aerodynamic cameras.

The key to the new V6 engine is a twin-scroll turbocharger setup, which uses a smaller turbo at low RPMs that spools up quickly. At higher speeds, a larger turbocharger takes over, allowing for a seamless transition that keeps the power band consistent. With rivals like Chrysler and GM overtaking Ford in the pickup fuel economy race, the Blue Oval is in desperate need of a new contender to entice commercial and private owners that Ford is still the dominant force in full-size trucks.

We’ll find out in a few more days if the 2015 Ford F-150 has what it takes to stay on top in a time of increasing fuel economy and consumer expectations.

Source: Ford Authority

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  • Jason Carpp

    For those who want it, or for those who need it, a 2.7 litre EcoBoost V6 engine could work. How about Ford offering a small diesel engine? Possibly a 2.5 litre 4 cyl. engine? I’d buy one with the diesel engine if it were offered.

    • Michael Mccollum

      If you can still find the articles, Ford was working on using a Land Rover 3.6L Lion engine blown to 4.4L and turbocharged. This was Before the Democrats pushed to raise fuel prices way up. The BIG THREE were all working on oil burners. all were to give high 20s on MPGs as well. GM should have theirs out in 2015?? 4.5L Duramax, and now with RAM using the VM Motori(which by the way, is co-owned by FIAT and GM Europe) and also Nissan bringing a 5.0L Cummins for 2015 as well, I feel Ford will not want to be left behind for long. Especially since Ford and GM are working together on 8 and 10 spd transmissions right now. The new body Tahoes will have the 8spd first.

      • Jason Carpp

        Don’t you hate that? We vote for someone and they just play around with the money we give them. They think they can drive up the cost of what we use everyday. How crazy is that? Another thing that bothers me is this ULSD, ultra-low sulfur diesel. I like to breathe clean air just as much as everyone else, but not at the expense of performance and reliability. And the emissions standards they impose on cars, trucks and industrial goods, it’s just un-realistic at best.

      • Wait, the democrats did WHAT now? How does a political party’s push to get gas prices up hurt the big three’s ability/desire to deliver higher MPG vehicles?

        This whole comment is nutty.

        • Michael Mccollum

          Both are true statements. The democrat was from chicago and became the energy secretary. Stated that the us needed to raise fuel prices ( to the consumer) to that of europe. Luckily we have yet to get there. Last I checked England was over $10 a gal for gas. Diesel in europe is much cheaper though. But for the other part, why make a diesel that gets over 30mpg when was going to cost way over $4 a gallon. Hence fuel companies skyrocketing fuel prices to keep those from making the light of day

  • Greg Sheldon

    If they can really hit 30mpg highway in real world driving, then I might finally have found the truck to replace my old 2004 F150

    • That “real world” comment is the key.

    • J_JamesM

      Mind you, that’s probably going 55 mph for 350 miles in 8th gear, in the smallest and lightest truck in the lineup.

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