Electric Car Sales Out-pace Growth of Gas, Hybrid Cars


Plug-in and electric car sales have grown quickly in 2013, out-pacing the growth of the market overall and out-pacing even the most optimistic projections from just a year or so ago– but how does the adoption of electric cars compare to the historical market growth of gasoline or hybrid cars? That’s a question our sister site, Planetsave, looked to answer with information and data from the Motley Fool. Enjoy!


Electric Car Sales Growth Is Actually Very Strong (Historical Perspective) (via Planetsave)

Electric car sales have not yet hit 1% of new car sales in the US, but sales are growing fast and it looks certain that they will pass 1% in 2014. 2013 pure electric car sales are up 300% in 2013 compared to 2012. And hitting 1% could mean that electric…

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