California Requires EV Chargers in New Buildings


One of the biggest stumbling blocks towards widespread EV adoption has always been the availability of charging stations available to urban and suburban apartment dwellers- but at least one county in California is hoping to change that with a new mandate that requires new construction buildings to be pre-wired for EV chargers. Cleantechnica’s Nick Brown (Kompulsa) has the story, below.


Santa Clara Requires New Buildings To Be Prewired For EV Chargers (via Clean Technica)

Originally published on Kompulsa. Santa Clara County (in California) has mandated that new homes and non-residential buildings be pre-wired to accommodate electric vehicle / EV chargers during their construction. This prevents owners from having…

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  • Briguy

    California is a great country, even better is proofreading your article!

    County not Country.

  • topkill

    I thought maybe it was a Freudian slip! After all, California acts like a separate country most of the time LOL

    Joking aside, this is really just an intelligent change to the building code. They may bitch about it now, but they’ll be glad they’re wired for it later when tenants want the access.

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  • Had Enough n SD

    I think your title is meant to be county? not country?