EPA Nails Energy Company With Record Fracking Fine


America’s natural gas fracking bubble is still expanding, despite some signs that said natural gas bubble is getting ready to pop in a big way. Until the government starts listening (and the right people start talking), however, it might just be something we have to accept … but the government is starting to listen, and Chesapeake Energy just got whacked with a massive EPA fine for violating part of the EPA’s Clean Water Act! This is the same Chesapeake Energy Co., by the way, that is currently fighting off lawsuits in Arkansas for damage caused by fracking-related earthquakes. In other words: it couldn’t have happened to better people.

Cleantechnica’s Tina Casey has the story, below. Enjoy!


US EPA Nails Fracker With Record Fine (via Clean Technica)

The woes just keep piling up for Chesapeake Energy. The company is front and center in the nation’s natural gas fracking boom and it just got hit with one of the largest ever civil penalties for violating Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. The penalty…

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    Natural gas is a godsend. Compared to oil or coal, it produces far fewer harmful emissions when burned. And the United States has a lot of it, which means we can import much less foreign oil to meet our nation’s energy needs. And that means we don’t have to prop up totalitarian governments any more just to get access to their oil.

    But……….getting the stuff out of the ground requires techniques that create massive pollution. In the end, clean water is far more important to sustaining life on earth than oil, coal or natural gas. The problem with the capitalist model is that is minimizes long term risk in favor of maximizing short term gain.

    We cannot continue pissing in our own well forever.