Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Gets Europe's Top Safety Rating



The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is shaping up to be one of the most impressive new car launches of the brand’s history, with 140+ MPG fuel economy and an advanced, all-wheel drive system collaborating to earn the room crossover the RJC’s Technology of the Year award. Mitsubishi didn’t stop at class-leading technology, though- the brand has responded to battery safety concerns by building this thing like a tank, and Mitsubishi’s Outlander is following up its IIHS Top Safety Pick+ performance by scoring the maximum 5 Star rating in Europe’s NCAP battery of crash tests.

Not bad, guys. Not bad at all!

You can read more about the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV’s European crash test scores in the company’s official press release, below.



Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced that the company’s Outlander PHEV mid-size crossover/SUV featuring MMC’s own Plug-in Hybrid EV System has been awarded a maximum 5-star rating in the 2013 Euro NCAP (New Car Assessment Program), an overall safety rating system for new models launched in Europe*1. Euro NCAP puts new cars through some of the world’s toughest safety tests, including an array of crash tests.

String of Awards Redeems “@earth TECHNOLOGY”

This recognition is the latest in a string of awards that confirms MMC’s @earth TECHNOLOGY, the technologies that embody MMC’s Drive@earth pillars of environmental responsibility, driving pleasure, and toughness and safety – all of which are combined in the Outlander PHEV, the pinnacle of @earthTECHNOLOGY.

The Outlander PHEV was awarded the “Car of the Year Japan* 2013-2014’s Innovation Award” for its environmental performance and motive performance.

In addition, the Outlander PHEV’s Plug-in Hybrid EV System was recognized for its environmental performance and driving dynamics by the Automotive Researchers’ and Journalists’ Conference of Japan*3 (RJC), which in November named the plug-in hybrid EV system the “RJC Technology of the Year 2014.”

About the Outlander PHEV:

The world’s first plug-in hybrid crossover/SUV, the Outlander PHEV is an “electric car that changes itself” and represents a fusion of the EV technologies developed by MMC for models such as the i-MiEV, 4WD technologies honed in the Lancer Evolution, and SUV know-how gained from the Pajero (Montero or Shogun in some countries).

The Outlander PHEV is fitted with a combination of several advanced safety features including e-Assist*4 advanced safety technologies, Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE*5) high-rigidity impact safety body and SRS air bags and harmonizes high levels of performance in environment, safety and premium quality.


Source | Photos: Mitsubishi, via Autoblog.

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  • egogg

    While a PHEV AWD SUV has always been at the top of my wish list, Mitsu’s execution on this one seems a little janky. Of course, it’ll never be offered in Colorado anyway, so why do I even bother.

    • Why do you say it’ll never be offered in Colorado?

      • egogg

        They’ll sell them in major coastal metros only. Supply won’t be enough to get them to the interior. It never is for something like this.

        • So in your opinion they won’t be able to make enough of them to sell them Nationwide?

          Mitsubishi have showed no signs of limiting the sale of the i-Miev to CARB states, I see no reason why they would do something like that for the Outlander PHEV. I prefer to see the glass half-full and assume it will be sold in all 50 states until otherwise informed by the OEM.

        • There’s no reason to believe that. I mean, a company like GM will do that, but they’ll also call their hybrids “electric cars” and then build a $80K hybrid coupe on a Chevy Cruze platform and call it a thing … which is sad, because they build great cars now, they just seem to make a lot of weird decisions.

    • You’re referring, of course, to the execution that has won several awards for innovation from journalists, engineers, and tech experts? That’s the janky execution you mean? LOL

      • egogg

        Janky was the wrong word. I’m sure, being a modern car company, they have the jankiness worked out of the drivetrain. But, 2004 called, they want their body style back.

        • LOL! Yeah, there is some of that.

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  • Jason Carpp

    I agree, and since it’ll never be offered with a turbodiesel engine here in North America, I’ll probably never buy one. Besides, I’m more old-school when it comes to trucks and SUVs. I prefer front engine, rear-wheel drive, or front engine, part-time four-wheel drive.

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