Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fracking protest terrorist watchlist

Published on December 8th, 2013 | by Jo Borrás


Texas Fracking Company Wants to Put Protestors on Terrorist Watchlist

fracking protest terrorist watchlist

Despite the fact that Eagle Ridge Energy still hasn’t answered questions surrounding a fracking fluid spill in Denton, Texas earlier this year, indictments about illegal dumping, and a number of OSHA complaints from Eagle Ridge workers, they’re still the good guys, according to the government. At least, that’s what Eagle Ridge Energy‘s COO Mark Grawe implied when he allegedly showed up with an armed police escort to a November 13th homeowner’s association meeting in Mansfield, TX and told residents of the town that anyone who protested his company’s gas wells (many of which are located less than 200 feet from homes, schools and playgrounds) would find themselves on a federal terrorist watchlist.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that people protesting oil and gas companies found themselves on the wrong side of law enforcement, if not on the wrong side of the law. In 2011, more than 70 protestors were arrested for opposing the Yukon/Keystone XL pipeline. It wouldn’t be the first time, either, that an oil and gas company spilled toxic chemicals on an unsuspecting town and got away with it!

Take some time and read this article, below, which was originally written for and published by the DeSmogBlog, then get angry at Eagle Ridge … just, you know, don’t end up on a national terrorist watchlist. I feel like that would be bad for our readership.


Protest Fracking, End Up on a Terrorist Watchlist

Texas Fracking Executive Mark Grawe Threatened to Label Residents “Terrorists” (via Desmogblog)

This is a guest post by Eric Moll, originally published on Eagleridge Inc. Chief Operations Officer Mark Grawe brought an armed cop with him to a November 13 Homeowners Association meeting in Mansfield, a suburb of Fort Worth, Tex., and told…

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  • Bi-Polar Bear

    Don’t know how political Gas2 wants to get, but the soverign power of the people has been undergoing a transfer to corporations since NAFTA and the pace is accelerating. I heard on NPR last week that there are around a dozen terrorist list. Currently, there is no one supervising the lists, individuals are not allowed to know if they are on one or more of the lists and if they do find out they are listed, there is no judicial process for questioning your inclusion or to compel the removal of your name.

    I don’t understand why threatening someone with being placed on a terrorism watch list is not a civil wrong, and actionable as a tort in a court of law. The law recognizes “the intentional infliction of emotional harm” as a civil wrong.

    It is shocking to me that a great many citizens beat their chest loudly when anyone so much as mentions the 2nd Amendment, but no one gets even slightly upset when the right of free speech, assemble and press are compromised. Carrying a gun will bring little comfort if you are terrified to open your mouth.

    • Jo Borras

      I like you. Come back to Gas 2 often.

      • Bi-Polar Bear

        Gosh, I like you too, Jo. And I do lurk here regularly but don’t post much. Sad that there were no other comments on such an important thread.

        There is a little ray of sunshine about America’s so-called War On Terror, which is right up there with the War On Drugs and the War On Poverty in terms of being an abject and utter failure. Yesterday, a judge for the federal Circuit Court in DC issued an amazing ruling decrying the NSA penchant for listening in on every call made by every person everywhere on Earth as being clearly unconstitutional.

        I have been waiting for some court somewhere to rediscover that we even HAVE a Constitution any more. Certainly no one in the BushLite or Obama administrations seems to have heard of that quaint document. Perhaps the tide of insanity following 9/11 is turning?

        And that means that ignoramuses (ignorami, if you took Latin in school) like Mark Grawe will now have to STFU!

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