Cadillac's Golden Girl Getting ELR is Smart Grid Ready


2014 Cadillac ELR Electric Car

You’re reading this blog, so we know you care about the environment. But, have you ever wanted more? Have you ever wanted to apply a geometric, Marcel DuChamp sort of design aesthetic to a $76,000 jellybean and use it to troll Miami Beach for GILF phone numbers? If you have, Cadillac has built their Chevy Volt-based ELR luxo-coupe just for you. As if that wasn’t enough- we have even better news for you: your new ELR will ship smart grid ready!

Smart grid vehicles benefit both EV owners and their local power companies, minimizing the waste of surplus electricity that utility companies produce during off-peak hours while providing EV owners with cheap fuel. You can find out more about the Cadillac ELR’s smart grid benefits in this article, below, which originally appeared on our sister site, Cleantechnica. Enjoy!


Cadillac ELR Will Be Smart Grid Ready (via Clean Technica)

Hot topics these days are the benefits and drawbacks that a combination of electric vehicles and smart grid could offer, especially V2G (vehicle-to-grid) projects and time-of-use electricity pricing. Vehicle-to-grid projects involve the use of electric…


Source | Photos: Cadillac.

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  • roseland67

    Struggle with the term “Smart Grid”.
    Ask 100 of your readers what they think it means and I would wager you’ll get
    multiple definitions.
    btw, the Caddy looks cool, hope it works, and if gets me from Chicago to Grand Rapids, Mi. I’m interested.

    • T Adkins

      I cant get you that far in all EV mode but it does have a gas motor for when the battery runs out. It is said to have a 35 mile range as an EV.

  • Dave

    Wow, beautiful car! Makes the Tesla S look like a bloated Mazda 6.

    • J_JamesM

      Which would be great if it didn’t directly compete with the Tesla in terms of price. The Tesla trounces it on pretty much every front- except range.

      Sorry if I’m being a wet blanket. But the $75,000 price tag is a baffling disappointment.

      • Dave

        Can’t argue with that. The ELR should be filling the price gap between the Volt and the Tesla. GM needs to re-think that strategy.

      • “Range” is a suspect metric for people who never plan on stretching it. Besides that, the fact that it’s a pure EV, rather than a hybrid, is usually a selling point to EV buyers. They don’t want gas.

        My favorite is still EVChels, who described hybrid owners as “the half-measures society”. LOL!!

  • J_JamesM

    This thing looks nice, but it’s about two feet, twenty thousand dollars and two fewer seconds to sixty away from being something with real potential.

    • Taking looks out of it (since that’s more of an opinion thing), I agree that it’s 2 feet, $20K, and 2 seconds to 60 from being relevant. Still, someone will buy it- probably Cadillac dealer principals for their wives.

      NOTE: that’s not a dig. The no. 1 listed occupation for Buick Reatta and Cadillac Allantes was, at one point in the early 90s, “wife of dealer principal”.

      • egogg

        Having owned an Allante, I can see why only an owner of a dealership (with his own repair staff) would have purchased one.

  • egogg

    Joe, let me reiterate, I’m 29 and I’d love to own one of these. And no, my ideal mate isn’t in the 60-90 y/o range.

    • Dave

      I think the golden girl connection says more about Jo than the car.

    • How do you KNOW you’re ideal mate isn’t 60-90? Give it a try … 😉

      • egogg

        Already found her. She’s 22.

        • Too young to realize she can do better, eh? 😉

          • egogg

            She actually likes geriatric old guys, but says I already move and act like one, so it’s close enough 🙂

          • That was my move! LOL

  • J_JamesM

    Cadillac has apparently learned something from the Cimarron fiasco: you can mark up a car to double the price without changing the performance much, so long as you make it look different than the car it came from (even if it ruins the car’s practicality in the process).

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