12% Of New Car Sales In Norway Are EVs

nissan-leaf-norwayFor a country that buys so few new cars, Norway has been in the automotive news a lot lately. That’s because electric car sales have surged in the cold Scandinavian thanks to some serious tax credits and other benefits bestowed on EV drivers. Electric car sales now make up 12% of all new car sales, showing just how effective these tax policies can be.

In the month of November, some 12,079 new cars were registered in Norway, and of those over 1,400 were electric vehicles, representing about 12% of all new car sales. In October the Nissan Leaf was Norway’s best-selling vehicle, while in September it was the newly-released Tesla Model S.

In November the Model S just barely topped the Nissan Leaf, selling 527 units to the Leaf’s 512 units, representing two distinct ends of the socio-economic scale. While the Volkswagen Golf regained the top spot, electric cars now outsell even hybrids in Norway.

That’s because EV drivers don’t pay a number of Norway’s many vehicular-related taxes, while also getting to drive in bus lanes and use certain toll roads and ferries for free. It’s a pretty sweet deal, at least while it lasts, and it’s making Norway a world leader in electric car adoption. Can the Norwegian model work elsewhere? I don’t see why not.

 Source: Green Car Reports


Christopher DeMorro

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