Expanding Current Emissions Standards Could Save 200,000 Lives by 2030


“Cleaner fuels and vehicles are saving lives in the US and Europe … it is time to extend these benefits to the rest of the world,” says Dan Greenbaum, president of the Health Effects Institute and chairman of the ICCT Board of Directors. With evidence of carbon emissions’ lethality to humans and animals mounting and organizations like the American Lung Association speaking out against “big oil”, it’s hard to disagree with Greenbaum. According to one article, hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved by 2030 if the US’ and Europe’s emissions standards were implemented in China and India. You can check out the full article, below.


Global Roadmap to Life-Saving Fuel and Vehicle Standards (via Environment News Service)

WASHINGTON, DC, November 18, 2013 (ENS) – Just extending the emissions and fuel-quality standards already in force in the world’s largest vehicle markets could avert more than 210,000 early deaths in 2030, finds a new report by the nonprofit International…

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  • curly4

    It may be true that if the US and European CO2 and other air pollution standards was in place in the rest of the world many people could be saved from death. But the US and Europe has no right to impose their standards on the rest of the world. Nor does the two have the money to pay for the implementing these standards in the rest of the world.
    Neither will either of these two shut down trade with the areas that are the greatest polluters to encourage the adoption of these standards. Nor would it be effective or cost effective for stricter standards be enacted in the areas of the world that already controls these pollutants.

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