Video: Yamaha PES1 Electric Motorcycle Takes to the Track


Yamaha PES1 Electric Motorcycle Video

A few weeks ago, Yamaha rolled out a fully electric motorcycle “ecosystem” that could, in theory, take a motorcycle rider “from the cradle to the grave” without burning a single drop of oil. Among the scooters, pee-wees, and dirtbikes, however, there was one critical question that Yamaha had to answer before said ecosystem could really be taken seriously. It was about the PES1 electric sport bike, and it was, simply: How does it ride?

Yamaha, it seems, anticipated the question well enough in advance to provide an answer. Check out the video, below, showing a Yamaha test-rider putting the PES1 electric motorcycle through its paces.

I think that settles that, no?

In skilled hands, it seems like Yamaha’s PES1 will be a Holy terror on a twisty road- and the tighter the turns are, the better the narrow, torquey electric motorcycle is likely to be. When it pulls up next to the Ducati Diavels at the local Hooters on bike night, the V-twin riders may make their jokes, but the PES1 rider could always point to the 4″ wide chicken strips on the Duc and win that game.

The only thing we need to know about Yamaha’s electric motorcycle program now is: Will it happen? What do you think, readers- will the Yamaha PES1’s milled aluminum chassis, carbon fiber fenders, and slick, LED lights make it to production as-is, or will we get a watered-down version with hefty steel tubes and plastic panels? Lets us know your predictions in the comments, below.


Source | Video: Yamaha.

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  • UncleB

    Asian replacements for the Honda 50 and up to the 125 c.c. class utility bike with an electric and a bank of Solar cells charging batteries at home might just alter the economics of lives of billions? Meanwhile, Americans can satisfy themselves with powerful high torque, noise free electrics as they “chase the dream’?

    • To be fair, the Hondas are, themselves, Asian. 😉

  • GC

    Any specs?

  • UncleB

    Oops! My bad! Always wondered why they never made a ‘Honda 50’ with a diesel engine that could run on even veggie oil?

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  • thousanth disquss ID

    This is ideal and I hope like you say they don’t bring the weight up at all. I like the Zero and all – great bike but it started out light as a feather and just kept gaining weight into 3 different weight/range options. The original zero was like this. I saw somewhere 220 lbs for the PES1 and 188lbs for the PED1. Fantastic!. I just saw this thing today. If that weight comes up like the Zero I will think about building one myself. maybe Forget manufactured electric motorcycles. Actually just wait for the electric mountain bikes to get faster and heavier till they’re small electric motorcycles. That’ll fix’m. And what about hydrogen fuel cell? The batteries are a far bigger problem on a motorcycle than a car. Yamaha with it’s giant RD department at it’s disposal – Tackle that!