Nissan Leaf Could Get Multiple Battery Sizes


nissan-leaf-battery-packSales of the Nissan Leaf have picked up steam after a price cut earlier this year, but executives are still looking to move consumers en masse into electric vehicles. Taking a page from Tesla’s playbook, a Nissan executive hinted that a Leaf with different battery size options could be in the pipeline of future products.

Plug-in Cars spoke with Pierre Loing, Nissan’s vice president of product and advanced planning, who said that “The packaging easiness (of the battery) makes it easier to put more batteries in the car, and you will see this.” He then noted that Tesla offers different battery options at different price points, saying “Maybe you will see this from Nissan.”

That sounds like a not-so-subtle hint, and the move is a practical one to be sure. The Tesla Model has been by far the most successful electric car on the market, and major automakers are looking to the California automaker for their next move in regards to EVs. Nissan has already been caught competing with a Nissan Leaf boasting a 48 kWh battery pack in Spain, twice the size of the production model, which could provide upwards of 150 miles of “real world” driving compared to the 75 or so most Leaf drivers are currently getting.

Seems like a no brainer to me, as Americans love the illusion of choice, and offering a larger battery for buyers wanting more range could draw in early adopters who have a slew of new and exciting EV offerings to choose from. With competitor vehicles like the BMW i3 and and Fiat 500e proving popular despite (or because of?) their newness, Nissan needs to remind buyers that it’s still the original cutting-edge EV.

 Source: Plug-In Cars

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  • hugoalves

    And what about a service where for a special fee you could change the battery pack to a larger one for special trips… That, to me would make more sense. You would use a smaller battery for normal driving and in case you needed a larger sized battery for special trips you would take your car to a dealership the day before to have your battery changed for a larger one for a rental fee. Then, after the rental period you would change back to the smaller pack.

    • Changing the original battery pack might be a lot of work in many EV’s, and you’d have to keep the original for pickup later etc. However having an ‘expansion bay’ that would accept an additional battery to augment the original would be very useful for short term or even long term range extension.

      • hugoalves

        Yep, that’s a very nice idea.

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  • Wayne Fong

    Humm .. Not sure where you got this Leaf picture .. But .. The superimposed battery pack is reversed 180 degrees .. The 2 orange battery pack power connectors should be facing the front of the vehicle ..