Honda FCEV Concept Is The Future Of Fuel Cells


honda-fcev-2The future of mobility is, if you ask Honda, hydrogen fuel cells. Few automakers have invested as much time, research, and money into making hydrogen fuel cells feasible, and Honda’s first wave of hydrogen vehicles are slated to arrive around 2015. The Honda FCEV Concept is a precursor to the production model, though one hopes the futuristic styling sticks around.

Honda has worked hard to improve the efficiency and lower the cost of their fuel cell technology, and the 100 kW fuel stack packs 60 percent more energy while weighing 33% less than the fuel stack found in the Honda FCX Clarity. The FCEV Concept boasts a range of 300 miles, and Honda says it can be refueled in as little as three minutes, on par with most gasoline vehicles, even though the only emission is water vapor.

And let’s not forget about the gorgeous, futuristic styling. Though vaguely reminiscent of hybrids like the Honda Insight, the FCEV Concept has the right look for a car of the 21st century. Thin headlights and taillights combined with just the right amount of front and side flair make for a vehicle that straight up looks like it belongs in the year 2050, rather than 2015. Though I doubt the production model will be nearly as daring, I hope to see some of the FCEV’s features shine through as we get close to the release date.

Of course there are drawbacks, chief among them the lack of fueling stations (standing at just 10 so far throughout the entire U.S.) and pricing, which Honda has yet to determine. Like EVs though, the first wave of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is likely to be expensive, though costs will come down as production and technology ramps up.

Honda hopes to have the first production hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road by 2015, though performance specifications like horsepower and acceleration go unmentioned. With electric motors providing the propulsion though, there is no reason for the fast-looking FCEV to not be at least a little fun to drive.

Here’s looking forward to 2015.

Source: Honda


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  • Wiggletoes

    Does anyone have confirmation that top automotive companies are trying this cost effective fuel cell technology? And what does OEM mean?
    Selected for trial by top automotive companies
    Greg McCray, CEO of ACAL Energy, said: “Degradation has long held back the potential for the widespread use of hydrogen fuel cells in the automotive sector. Breaking the 10,000 hour threshold during rigorous automotive testing is a key reason our hydrogen fuel cell design and chemistry has been selected for trial by a number of the 6 top automotive OEMs.” He continued: “With our technology, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can drive over 500 miles per tank of fuel, and can be refuelled in less than five minutes, emitting only water. For a driver, the only difference from driving an internal combustion engine car is what’s going in the tank but for the environment the significance of zero carbon emissions is enormous”.

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